Video: Nketiah strikes late to salvage equaliser for Arsenal

Fulham will feel hard done-by having led until the 97th minute of play, but Arsenal may also feel hard done-by for the slim margin of their offside call in the opening half.

Eddie Nketiah has got the final touch to level the score against the Cottagers, cancelling out Josh Maja’s impressive penalty.

The Gunners wouldn’t have been happy settling for a point at kick-off, but can’t help celebrating their late draw.

Pictures courtesy of RMC Sport

I must admit I felt that VAR was likely to rule this one out too, but thankfully the goal stood.


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    1. HOW RIDICULOUS DO YOU NEED TO BE WHILE YOU CLAIM TO BE A TRUE FAN! You do not know the meaning of the word “supporting”. Fairweather fan!

      1. Hahaha Jon

        We are fans of AFC, you are a fan of MA.

        We want Arsenal to thrive, you want MA to thrive

        Shame on you

        1. Jon Fox supports Arteta simply because he got rid off his Arsenal worst enemy Mesut Ozil, he’s a simpleton.Now Mesut the arsenal problem is gone have we excelled?

    2. @Reddb10, Arteta is not the only major problems we have, our average minded fanbase who have chosed 2 settle 4 less, instead of compete in the highest level like their contemporaries is a greater problem than our average baby boy coach. United we stand, divided we fall, And we are falling, not down, but under the tunnel, not on top of it. I pity my BP!!!

  1. Awful result considering how much Fulham were in the game, our league form is mid table and Arteta hasn’t got the key. Very very inconsistent and our style of football very random.

        1. Who’s fault is it then when a team has clear issues for months and months that keep reappearing and aren’t addressed?

          1. After watching this game and still seing some fans blaming the manager, the only recurring issues are the fickle fans.

          2. Did you watch the game? Did you check the statistics?

            What exactly did Arteta has to do with this result?
            Didn’t the team create chances? Which was the far far better team of the two? How many chances Fulham created in front of our goal? 18 shots and countless situations are not good enough tactics for you?

            Which issues reappeared that weren’t addressed?

          3. Didn’t have any issues on Thursday when we took our chances. We had enough chances to win this game today, how is that Arteta fault that we didn’t take them.

          4. @R

            Defensive issues

            Slow build up

            Poor finishing

            Tinkering with on form players

            Shots dont matter(you even include shots off target 😆), goals do my lad! Or is there some trophy or prize for shot taken i don’t know about? Fams like you accept mediocrity, shame.

          5. everyone just accepts Arsenal’s slow pace of play as something that is just standard and not even seen as a problem anymore. A lot of you have grown used to these low low standards and it’s sad to see.

          6. @MartinelliTheBench

            So against Slavia Prague the poor finishing was addressed but today it is an old issue that we haven’t addressed. Yes?

            Btw Guardiola once said that his job is to put the players in shooting positions. Their job is to score goals.

            I seriously doubt that you are suggesting our strikers doesn’t have a shooting practice?

          7. @R, you seriously believe Pep stops coaching once he get’s his players to the final third? This is PEP GUARDIAOLA, the man who routinely gets accused of OVERthinking.

          8. @RSH

            First why do you think Arteta is not doing the same as Pep at the coaching level. Not tactics but lets say training routines?

            And second, his words not mine.

    1. Arteta has soend Arsenal funds in transfer but no evident improvement in team performance, I’m nit worried about this club getting relagated than being bunkrupt.You cant trust an amature with a multibillion investment,thats suicidal,we have become now a midtable team with some simpletons here deluding themselves that thinks will get better no matter what.Wake up and smell the coffee the ship is sinking.

      1. A couple days ago was anniversary for titanic and I can’t measure the trauma, the pains and agony felt by all parties involved.
        But when I look at arsenal and how fast we’re dropping and most stakeholders don’t feel concerned about it, I can only imagine how low we will go.
        Mikel Arteta is dead on arrival, we ain’t going anywhere with him but yet some fans supports him and even the board is not bothered.
        Let’s just watch and see.

  2. “I must admit I felt that VAR was likely to rule this one out too, but thankfully the goal stood.”


    I bet if it wasn’t last minute and we didn’t already have two disallowed goals for offside, they would have ruled it out. This VAR thing is getting out of hand.

    My take on the situation is that Holding is not really doing anything to prevent the keeper of stopping the shot, so onside was correct.

  3. Fulham should not feel “hard done by” as their shocking time wasting tactics rebounded on them and they got what they deserved.

  4. Looks like Arteta’s tactics confuse the players, the switch from defensive positions to attack is not swift. We cant find a pass, players are too far from each other or hiding behind opposition players, cant utilize counters!
    No penetration through the middle, our wingers are too far from the goal…

    1. @Hez, what are you talking about mate? 18 shots for Arsenal against Fulham’s parked bus. Some immense luck for them too as Martinelli and Pepe should have scored. Also Bellerin’s header was close. And also VAR. If you honestly think the first disallowed goal was not legit, I don’t know what is happening with football anymore.

  5. Good effort by the team to salvage a point in the end.

    Blatant robbery aided by VAR. Don’t tell me otherwise – I wached the game.

    Gabriel is not bad, but Mari is our lucky cham just like Martinez.

    The team lost the energy to play based on negative var decisions. Var denied our goal based on arm pit hair offside, while giving a penalty to Fulham for a ridiculous diving. Instead of checking for penalty, it decided to check for offside. Isn’t this funny?

    1. All VAR calls were correct today according to the letter of the law.

      How were we robbed? Besides by ourselves

      1. @PJ-SA

        What are you talking about, 2 millimeter offside when brining the ball backwards is proper offside? Or the dive for the penalty. Do you honestly belive the contact was enough to cause Fulham’s player out of balance?

        1. You need to learn the rules 🤣 lets address your points

          2mm offside: firstly 2mm is your opinion, the reality is it was more like 20-30mm offside. But even if it was 1mm it’s still offside according to the law of the game so what’s your argument here?

          You mention Saka bringing the ball backwards. Please tell me what the direction of the ball, that the offside player is moving it in, has anything to do with it being offside or not???

          No the contact wasn’t enough to make the player move like that but you literally admit there’s contact 😆 so how can you argue about the penalty. The law isnt about the degree that contact can make a player be off balanced lol. The law is contact, or no contact so you answered yourvown argument

          I hope you are trolling

          1. I hope you are trolling as before VAR era, these two were 100% goal for us, and up to the referee to interprete the penalty situation.

            The offside rule needs changing as VAR is going to stay. This is getting to a ridiculous degree. The offside rule was designed for a different reasons, and if you think that these 2 sentimeters have anything to do with whether we would have scored this goal or not, I will start doubting your intelligence.

            Technically you are correct. But we are not robots. Clearly there is absolutely 0 weight to the situation whether his thumb was offside or not. And if VAR start to give penalties for every contact, lets just play a penalty game, whoever reaches 5 first wins. Why bother 90 minutes?

            I almost don’t enjoy football anymore.

        2. R you need to learn the rules of football, the rules were applied todat accurately, you not liking the way they are applied is different.

      2. The so-called laws are double standards that only apply when some hated teams like Arsenal are involved.

        1. There is a wisdom in those words @Gilly. I am still baffled why there wasn’t a penalty for us against Burnly, for a 100% handball that stopped a cross inside the box.

      3. You may not like the concept of VAR and that is a different argument but all var decisions today were correct (if tight) and it is the same for every team in the league, STOP BLEATING ABOUT VAR BEING ANTI ARSENAL you may not like VAR but the thing is consistent. Ask youself why wasnt our goal ruled out for Holdind being offside? Why because VAR could look at it and apply the law. Not liking VAR is avalid debate, using it as an excuse is shocking.

        1. @Reggie, nope you are missing the point.

          I like the idea of VAR and I want it to stay. I disagree with the way it changes the football that we know, because what is not humanly possible is now compensated with technology, and some of the old rules are not working anymore. They need revisitting.

          The only thing that I really dislike about VAR is that it removed the thrill of goals. You no longer can really be excited after a goal.

          And you are not 100% correct as some situations are not as binary as the offside rule, and they are still up to interpretation, and I’ve seen double standards there. Most probably not because of a consipracy against Arsenal, but because the rules are actually not good enough as I already mentioned.

          1. No i am not missing the point, that is my view/ point. Dont complain about something that is more consistent, complain about the way the rules are made but the rules are applied more consistently, even if we dont like them. And it is more fairer to all.

          2. @Reggie,

            You are missing my point, while explaining some of your views/points.

            And I will give you a simple example to understand why this offside is outrageous.

            If there was no VAR, there is no linesman in the world that would give offside in this situation because it is simply humanly impossible. Which is ALSO consistent but with the opposite result. Clearly VAR is changing the game, without the rules being changed.

          3. How wrong you are, a linesman could still have easily given offside as not, they are good enought to be correct. And you making up an opinion earlier that our goal would have been ruled out if it wasnt the last minute and we hadn’t had two decions given against us earlier, is just ludicrous and baseless.

          4. @Reggie
            Oh yeah? Because there is no subjective factor in VAR?

            How about the peanlty against Burnly for the handball, where VAR said that the shot was too close for the defender to react?

            Have you heard anywhere else such reasoning for not giving a penalty? Because I have seen exactly the same situations where the penalty was given.

            And you will say that VAR is so ultimately consistent as if there is no human factor in getting the final decision.

            The only difference is now they have a few angles to see it with slowed down pace, but then again some situations are up to interpretation.

          5. Give me a break, it isn’t 100% correct but it is more consistent. If we were as consistent as VAR, we would be in the top 2.

          6. OK I see how your reasoning goes. You make a statement and then not bothering reply to any of the valid points. So there is nothing more left to say here.

  6. Yeah,,, it’s starting to piss me off big time the way narrow minded people carry on when Arsenal perform appallingly, they blame Arteta. Certain players had their chance to perform but chocked up. Good not seeing Willian starting, or being brought on. Like seeing Ryan’s positioning. That’s how he plays for Australia. And he’s always confident when dealing with crosses. He doesn’t flap at the ball

    1. People make me laugh on here.

      So if it’s always the players fault then why do we even have a manager? Whats a manager’s roles and responsibilities if he NEVER can take any blame? Please tell me what the purpose of a manager is?

      Should Chelsea give no praise to Tuchel and only to the players?

      1. If managers were not responsible for results, then no managers would be sacked, get in the real world.

  7. Sorry but the reaction of this team after the goal is atrocious. We were suppose to pick the ball out of the net and go again instead of celebrating like it was the winner.
    This is purely unacceptable.

      1. Yes. You don’t celebrate a last minute goal if it’s not a winner. Team mentality is pathetic. It’s something a championship side does. Liverpool would not be seen doing it.

        1. You changed the wording here. Your initial comment was about taking the ball to the middle and try playing again which obviously can’t happen at that point of time.

          But I can agree with that. There was not much to celebrate today.

  8. Terrible game missed so many chances how can a team that played so well during the week be so awful today. He should be playing the same players to get some consistency. The game was too slow we need to play fast and take our chances. We could have closed the gap to Everton and Tottenham which is the story of our season. If we play like that against Everton we will be punished. The pundits are having a field day.

  9. Poor team selection….Elneny and Ceballos midfield. A wind up yeah?
    Poor display. How long do we accept this poor, unimaginative play?

  10. OT HUGE breaking news on Sky Sport A proposed European breakaway league and a closed shop, including 5 Prem clubs, us, Spuds, United, Liverpool and Chelsea.

    FIFA, UEFA, PREM LEAGUE ALL PLEDGED TO PREVENT IT BY ANY AND EVERY MEANS AVAILABLE This dwarfs any other news, so your comments please!

    1. I am not interested Jon in a European break away league at all. Our domestic league is far more important than some jumped up Barca, Real madrid run super league. We would only be cannon fodder as well, lining kronks pocket for finishing bottom.

      1. Plus Barca and Real are broke and because the money in the Spanish league is poor they are pushing this for their own ends and will be controlling the way it is run. We need to stay as far away from this as we can, the fans will pay for it in more ways than one.

  11. It just makes me laugh to see that some fans really think we had a good game today, for goodness sake we played fulham who is destined for relegation and we can’t even win, the only positive today was Martinelli and Saka combination and also Ryan, the way Ryan comes out to claim the ball is what I always wanted Leno to do but he’s useless in that area. All in all, I know this will upset some but I still maintain that Arteta is not the answer, how can a coach motivate the same players just a week ago and the same players played like Sunday league footballer today.

  12. I don’t see how we’ve improved after nearly 2 seasons under Arteta
    Looks like we won’t even be in Europa League next season unless we win it this season and get into Champions League which is unlikely

    Arteta has had enough time in my opinion. If we win EL he deserves to stay a bit longer but if we don’t then he should be replaced

  13. this is known in the dancing world as the “arteta shuffle”. so, just for beginners, i will explain the moves, very simple dance, here we go , one step forward, two steps back, see , simple. you repeat this , i bet youve picked it up already.we should all join in every time the arsenal come out on the pitch, we can do it in the privacy of our own homes even.i guarantee you will feel much better after five minutes of this easiest of dances. hahahaha.

  14. To join a Euro Super League. Load of old b-locks. We are too shite to play on Sundays at Hackney Marshes, never mind rock bottom of the Euro League.

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