Video – Nketiah takes cool finish to put Arsenal 2-0 at Portsmouth

Well, Arsenal went 1-0 up in the dying seconds of the first half, and now they have made it even more certain of progressing at the beginning of the 2nd half.

It was an excellent play down the right wing as Nelson and Willock combined to get the ball into the path of Eddie Nketiah. It looked like he had fluffed it but suddenly it’s in the net!

Brilliant finish…

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  1. I must say I thought Martin Keowns TV halftime assessment far too gloomy and unfair. He was unrealistically harsh on Arsenal and made comments that will not endear him to Gooners or our players and manager, IMO. I THOUGHT WE HANDLED A TRICKY TIE VERY WELL AND ASSERETED OUR NATURAL SUPERIORITY OVER POMPEY BETTER THAN MANY, INCLUDING “THE RASH” EXPECTED.
    Previously to this, I had Keown down as a realist. I now publicly admit my error!

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