Video – On this day 1971 Arsenal win the title at White Hart Lane

You have to remember that this game was played 49 years ago, so don’t expect the quality top be great, but it was still a momentous day for us gunners. We had won our first trophy for 17 years the previous season, beating Anderlecht in the Fairs Cup Final, and that set us up to go on and win the Double in 1971 under Bertie Mee.

And what better place to win the title, in the last game of the season at White Hart Lane, with Ray Kennedy scoring the only goal of the game with a very late header. Oh happy days! Watch the celebrations at the final whistle!

And, as a bonus, here is a much better quality highlight video of when we won the title at White Hart Lane again, in 2004…


  1. I was there in ‘71, left work early and got to sh**e Hart Lane about two hours before kickoff. Walked all around the ground and everywhere was rammed with huge crowds I’d never seen the like of before. Close to giving up and going back home I saw a gap in the crowd and a turnstile with far less people than anywhere else. Managed to get in and took my place on The Shelf. Amazing night with Ray Kennedy scoring the winner 2 minutes from time. To win at at their place was amazing but I still can’t remember how I got home!

  2. Only a lesser majority on this site we’re likely around to remember this game. I was fortunate, with a few other contributors I know, to have been in the ground. I can honestly say that, at 13 years old, it was this game more than any previous game, that really brought home what being an Arsenal fan was all about. The atmosphere inside WHL was like nothing I had ever witnessed before, and that included the Anderlecht final the year before.
    The game itself was nothing special, but we were never in danger of losing. We were far the better team and proved it on the night.
    And rounding up the double at Wembley just 5 days later was the icing on the cake.
    I was never one for keeping programmes or memorability, but I wish now I had kept just some of the programmes, tickets etc. Many fans did, and they are sold for a fair sum to collectors who recognise just how important this era was in the history of Arsenal Football Club

    1. I missed the cup final that year, can’t remember why, but my dad went to Wembley and he’s still a Gooner at 92 years old.
      I’m trying to get some memories from him so I can TRY to put together an article. He was born in Bermondsey and the rest of the family there were Millwall fans!

  3. Was there that day, took the afternoon off work and got to the ground mid afternoon and the place was mobbed, just about got in. The game wasn’t much, too much tension , remember Rays header going in then the final whistle, had to get on the pitch as the terraces were heaving. Took ages to get out of the ground.

  4. Was a memorable night in many ways for a 18 year old. I only saw the first half of this game. Just after the teams had left the pitch for the end of the first half, the police stormed into the crowd and I was one of the unlucky ones to be dragged out. I can still feel the punch to my stomach received from a slightly biased Tottenham copper. Dumped in a police van, with yes you guessed, other Arsenal fans, one bloke and his girlfriend were arrested because they were sitting on the kerb, there were thousands locked out the ground that night. I was charged with ‘language likely to cause a breach of the peace ‘ and released. I walked to my mates parents house, he was luckily still in the ground. It’s awesome to be able to see this video, and it still brings a smile to my face. A Gooner till I die.

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