Video: On this day in 1989…one of the greatest moments in Arsenal’s history

Watch highlights of Arsenal’s thrilling title win away to Liverpool.

31 years ago today, Arsenal won the league title in perhaps the most thrilling fashion ever with a late 2-0 victory away to Liverpool.

For those of you only old enough to remember Sergio Aguero’s last-gap title clincher against QPR in 2012, this is like that, but better, as the final game of the season was literally a head-to-head between the two teams who were fighting to win it.

Arsenal went into the game needing to win by two clear goals to win the title not even on goal difference, but on goals scored, and Liverpool hadn’t lost by two goals or more at Anfield for three years.

Alan Smith scored perhaps the glanciest of glancing headers to give us the lead early in the second half, but as the clock run down it looked like it wasn’t going to be quite enough.

And then, the eternal commentary from Brian Moore: “…a good ball by Dixon, finding Smith… for Thomas charging through the midfield. Thomas…. it’s up for grabs nowwwww……Thomas…..right at the end!”

Michael Thomas kept his cool to clip the ball home and help us overtake our opponents at the top with pretty much the last kick of the season.

There’s truly never been anything quite like it and it remains one of the greatest moments in Arsenal’s history. The Invincible season was special and is perhaps more well remembered now, but you can’t match the ’89 side for the sheer character they showed to get over the line by the faintest whisker here.

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  1. Watched it on Itv last night. A good game and played at tempo for the most part until Liverpool started to sit back.

  2. We had friends in for dinner (one of whom is a spuds fan) and he was adamant that Arsenal couldn’t do it – but we did!! Apoplectic summed him up afterwards

  3. The team toughness and togetherness back then was a million miles in front of the so selfish attitudes of so many of todays players, everywhere. Back then all players knew the team came first and always first, with players way behind. Now the dismal change in societys attitudes across the developed world means the reverse is so often true, thus harming football- the ultimate TEAM sport- immensely!

    I watched it again last night and by now, am just about
    getting over my 31 long year nervousness of Liverpool getting a very last gasp goal, to thwart us.

    1. Even after all these years and watching it countless times I still get nervous when I see Thomas galloping through and still shout YES when the ball goes in the net .

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