Video – Ozil and Guendouzi looking relaxed in Arsenal training

On the day that Arsenal beat Chelsea to lift the FA Cup at Wembley, the celebrations were carried out with no sign of Matteo Guendouzi or Mesut Ozil even in the stands, as both were away on holiday after seemingly being frozen out of the squad.

At that time, most Gooners felt that we had seen the last of them in an Arsenal shirt, but the latest training video from London Colney (made to celebrate Aubameyang in training after signing his new contract), shows both of our so-called outcasts looking extremely relaxed and without a care in theworld.

At one point, we even saw Mesut Ozil send a lovely ball through to the other end of the pitch, setting up Maitland-Niles for probably the easiest goal of the day.

Can we now assume that Ozil and Guendouzi are now back in the squad and will be fighting for their place in the starting XI?


  1. Why is Aubamayang the only one shooting to score. Sue am so glad too that MG is back in full training, I really like the boy.

  2. Very happy for MG. The guy has it in him and just needs counselling and harnessing the positive traits. He really fights for the badge. Ozil back based on pure merit and footballing talent? Miracles do happen in life.

  3. In the beginning, was it Chambers I saw?
    I’m still pretty sure though that MG and MO won’t make the bench this weekend.
    But glad to see them comfortable in training.

    Now we have the French connection,(Auba, Pepe, Guendouzi, Laca), The Spanish connection(Bellerin, Ceballos, Mari) and The Brazilian connection (Luiz, Gabriel, Willian)

      1. If Arsenal had Thomas Partey, as box to box midfielder and Diawara or Soumare as DM to do his tackling and ball winning for him, the midfield may be able to carry Ozil. If Arsenal get Aouar or Ceballos hits form, then Ozil won’t get off the bench, in my opinion

  4. League regulations mean that Arsenal will have to trim their squad numbers.If they only manage to move on Torreira by the close of the Window its highly unlikely that either Guendouzi or Ozil will be able to play in the 1st team squad.This being the case I doubt that either will look particularly relaxed when told that they will have to train and play for the Under-23s…at least until the January window.Perhaps at that stage they might not feel quite so pleased with themselves and consider moving to other Clubs who might actually want them.

    1. Joel, your point is valid, because they are taking up valuable foreign origin squad places, if Arteta is not going to play them.

  5. Simple answer PATRICK to your question is NO we can’t!
    Come the closing date of the window Guendouzi will hopefully be gone and if not it won’t be for want of MA trying to rid us of this lout.
    Ozil will stay til his contact finishes as there is no prospect of offloading him, again not for want of trying, though a fruitless task. We all know that MA is busting a gut to bring in the two well known names we are trying to get.
    IN A YEAR FROM NOW THE NAMES OF GUENDOUZI AND EVEN MORE SO OZIL, will be reviled by all but their fast dwindling fan club.

    Think about this last sentence, because all players who leave the club under bad circumstances, loutishness and laziness in these cases, are always reviled. Even those like the admirable Cesc who wanted to return but was not able to, as Wenger preferred the idle OZIL, are often dissed , though not by the thinking fans among us.
    A percentage of fans actually harm our club, though only a small minority. This is common at most clubs and reflects on how SOME fans just , sadly, are!

    1. So Jon, I’m very interested to understand this “fast dwindling fan club”.
      You don’t go to any games. You haven’t for a few a number of seasons. So how exactly do you arrive at this?
      For someone who does go to every game, I can categorically inform you that Ozil gets treated as all the other players on the pitch, more evident at away games obviously.
      Being the realist that you are, and the fact you haven’t attended these games, I can only assume you base your comments solely on the views of the contributors to this site. Of which I’m guessing most are like you. They never attend the matches either.

      1. Phil firstly welcom back. I presume your chat with Ken was the cause. I much enjoyed our previous heated debates. My views are based as always , entirely on what my own life experience has taught me and nothing whatever to do with how anyone else thinks. If you do not know by now that I am an independent thinker and speak without fear or favour in all Iwrite, then you have learnd little from our many debates and from my regular posts for ages past, many of which I know you have read. For those reasons I wil not rise to your irrelevant comments about not going to games.
        However , I am so pleased to see you back on here and presume you will have noticed at least some of the new writers which have taken much of the former staleness away from this site and much improved it.
        Finally, you are unwise to assume I will not go to games this season,(Covid providing!) as the main reasons for me ceasing going, Wenger and Gazidis, are now gone.
        After a decade of drift our beloved club is now and finally moving in the right direction. Unlike you and Ken, I WAS ALWAYS UNWILLING TO SPEND MY MONEY ON A CLUB INTENT ON MAKING NO PROGRESS. That is no longer the case.

        1. Jon, I’m not intending to comeback to be honest. I feel it’s pointless when I’m continually censored by AdMartin, simply because he has the finger on the button and I don’t. But I still visit the site occasionally, as it’s without doubt the best debating site available for Arsenal fans, but choose not to get involved.
          And I too miss our exchanges, and nothing seems to have changed too much. You still adjoined the question I asked.
          To put this in perspective, I was fiercely critical of Iwobi as a footballer, and time seems to be proving me and a number of others correct. But that still did not stop me from supporting the player on the pitch, especially when he did some thing right, like managing to put his boots on the correct foot. In my experience of attending almost every game, home, away and in Europe, I very rarely experience fans doing anything other than support the players who are playing in the team, no matter who they are. So the issue re your comments suggesting Ozil has a dwindling fan base are surely your own view and therefore unsubstantiated. Which means they cannot be considered as fact, and are not a reality. Which as someone such as yourself, who deals only in facts and considers himself a realist, sort of contradicts itself does it not.

          1. Welcome back Phil, good to hear from someone who has first hand experience of how fans react to Mesut Ozil – or any other player come to that.
            Nothing like the real thing when it comes to discussing players and how fans react to them.

            I’m just hoping no article on Arsene comes up, as that’s the one area you have let yourself down on!!

            By the way, Pat now has the censor button it seems, so hope to see you on here once again👍

          2. Hey, nice to see you Phil. If it helps I can tell you that I now have sole charge of all comments. Obviously I can’t be here 24 hours a day but I do my very best as always. It was always better like that in the past matey…

            1. Pat, I have to say, it’s been really nice seeing you on here a lot more recently! Just like the good old days! 🙂

            2. Phil, gidday mate and welcome back! 😁 As you can get to every home game (normally) and I naturally can’t given its a long swim, what is your view on Ozil’s contribution to matches when he plays? From the TV matches I watch, although he covers ground he doesn’t chase back and try to win the ball back or put in tackles.


            I SYMPATHISE WITH YOU ABOUT THE ADMINS BEING SO QUICK TO CENSOR FREE SPEECH. IT SEEMS THAT SPEECH IS ALL OK, PROVIDED THE OPINION IS SHARED BY PAT. I have often been told to keep comments to Arsenal matters but very often Sue and others talka about non Arsenal mattrs and often a long screed of many poosts not even mentions Arsenal and nothing is done.
            Personally, I like that but there is one law for some, another for others but I stay because, despite the unfairness, it is still the best site for Gooners.
            Ken, as you will certainly know, has had similar experiences and doubtless so have many other fans.

            But we older fans KNOW that life is never fair, so I put up with it as this site is fast improving in article quality with fresh new writers. So I stay. KEEP SAFE.

            Since the Covid ban you have had to watch on TV like the rest of us and that will likely last for some time yet, sadly. HOPE I AM WRONG THOUGH.

    2. jon fox
      Just examine this partial list.
      David Ospina.
      Aaron Ramsey.
      Chuba Akpom .
      Olivier Giroud.
      Francis Coquelin.
      Gabriel Paulista. …
      Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.
      Wojciech Szczesny.
      Ashley Cole
      Lassana Diarra
      Mathieu Flamini
      Aliaksandr Hleb
      Emmanuel Adebayor
      Gaël Clichy
      Cesc Fàbregas
      Samir Nasri
      Robin van Persie
      Alex Song

            1. Ken if Icw had any intention of explaining his hidden meaning(known only to him) he would have done so by now. I have long ago decided he is not worth arguing with, though I WAS GENUINELY INTERESTED TO KNOW WHAT HIS LIST MEANT. GUESS WE SHALL NEVER KNOW NOW. SUCH IS LIFE, AT TIMES!

        1. I thought so too but his list has players who left ugly and those left in good terms. Does anyone revile Eduardo? If I remember correctly he left in good terms and even thanked the club. And if I remember correctly Alex Song was sold against his wishes. From his list I see only 6 players out of 19 who are now not liked by fans.

          What I can make of it is he misread or misunderstood Mr Fox’s comment but only he knows what he meant.

  6. This looks like the Arsenal propaganda machine at work to me. Including the like of Guendouzi and Ozil in normal training sessions is massively important when you want the rest of the footballing to believe these players are still included in the squad. After all, if you leave them out it serves no practical purpose what so ever. They are seen as “not worthy” and more so, lesser valued!

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