Video – Pablo Mari speaks for the first time as an Arsenal player

New signings Pablo Mari has given his first video as an Arsenal player.

OK, not going to give any spoilers and let you watch the video for yourselves but I will say that I was impressed with him.

Mari signed today after a week of back and forth between Arsenal and Flamengo but that is all over with now.

The more I research the 26-year-old the more confident I am that he will be a huge asset going forward. He looks a very decent defender, big and tough, I doubt he will be taking many prisoners.

Anyway, here is the video courtesy of the Arsenal Youtube channel, I am positive you will be impressed with the interview.

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    1. VVD cost Liverpool for 75 Millions… we are buying him for 12 Millions…
      Quality never comes cheap…

      1. Mahrez’s and Vardy’s price tags were below one million, whereas Kante was around twelve million when Leicester City recruited him

    2. @gotanidea
      Reports says his pace is his only weakness apart from other quality he’s got. This means he may need time to adapt to Premier league. He would also need a quick partner at the back.

  1. Without ever seeing him play, all I can say is that he conducted himself very well and seems to have a sensible head on his shoulders. Let’s hope he can defend as well!

  2. I really can’t understand how you can judge a signing if it will be good or not? And everyone thinking he knows better.
    Just enjoy the news, wait for the guy to show what he’s got, then give your opinion. Everything else is just cristal ball stuff.

  3. So we have a big strong CB now, left footed and used to the Spanish/Brazilian style passing game. I don’t worry about him, but I do worry about who he is paired with. Next season Saliba so we are going in the right direction. Cedric Soares is a very good full back and has played over 30 times for Portugal, who do not let many goals in. With Hector back the defense may shortly be less of a problem than the midfield. Guendouzi, Willock, Torreira, and Ernie when he comes back from loan, are all good players, but we desperately need a Santi Cazorla as opposed to Ozil. We need a little magician in the mould of Santi or David Silva. A little magic goes a long, long way.

      1. Santi (and Silva equivalent for City), took games by the scruff of the neck which Ozil doesn’t. We miss the schemer type player that Santi represented. Ozil has a football brain but does not grab the game by the scruff of his neck, in his no 10 role, to control games.

  4. Like I said in a previous post concerning Mustaphi. He is a good defender but he is now trying to change his error prone game. If you watch his game against Bournemouth before he got injured, he has changed his approach in the way he now plays. He no longer tries to be a creative central defender by passing the ball on the ground through the middle to a midfielder which has been his Achilles heel in most games he has played because it gets intercepted 90% of the time which eventually cause problems for our defense but has now resorted to long diagonal balls to the wings. He had over ten long balls to the wings and strikers which we haven’t seen from Mustaphi before he got injured. Secondly, he now sticks to his man when we are being counter-attacked and tries to win the ball back rather than leaving his man and start running backwards to the 18 yard box where the defense is even more in danger of conceding a goal. Those are his main problems all season and since he is willing to cut them out, he will be a very solid defender for us. Arteta spotted those same errors and I believe we will be seeing less of them from Mustaphi. COYG!

    1. Everyone says he is a good defender and the worry is i keep reading he lacks pace. That is something that has dogged us for a while. Will give him a chance to show us, if he plays. It does smack of desperation though. But lets hope it pays off. It would be no surprise if he is heading back in the summer.

    2. Sometimes players are not good enough to be in a top team, let alone a EPL title winning team. Sorry but even if some players stop their errors they are not good enough for the real better teams. Mustafi is not good enough.

    3. We’ve been here before with Mustafi I feel. He’s an error prone mess. It’s not because he tries to be creative, it is just because he lack concentration. Stat-wise he is excellent but if you make massive mistakes every game you are useless as a defender.

  5. The rumour of Olly going to the Spuds, only one word comes to mind…………………….Giroudas!

    1. Omg, you’re back, and with a classic 👍👍 We were only saying earlier where were you?! Spooky… you got out of jail then?! 🤣

      1. Hi Sue………………….. I got a bit disallusioned with there being too many posts on one day!…………….one day there was about nine!……….and you have to keep going back to previous posts to see if anyone has replied which is a pain in the Arsenal, why this site has to do a post for every rumour instead of doing one post with many rumours is ridiculous!……….. so will only make a comment I think is relevant if I can be bothered!………………good news though I think they have let me back on AA, with the one post a day! 🙂

        1. Happy days!! I said ages ago, it’d be the icing on the cake if you were on there.. with that humour of yours 😜👍👍

        2. Le Coq, be aware that there are going to be tens of articles per day going forward. However, there is a new design, which I got to see just today and the way it will be laid out is that it will be the opinion pieces that take prominence with gossip and so forth taking secondary positions.

            1. You could see it as more reading material that you can pick and choose what you want to read. The new design will make it easier to choose what sort of articles you want to read and what to ignore. The idea is to cater for everyone.

  6. From his comments on the video, this transfer has been discussed for a while now, so a panic buy might not be the right terminology – but the injury to Chambers could/would have made the need to bring it forward quicker than anticipated a possibility.

    Still concerned about the media report on the possibility that something was not 100% during the medical – which also makes sense regarding the make up of the contract, so maybe a well thought out gamble on the player.

    The suggestion last night, that we had another CB transfer agreed has actually been verified and it would not surprise me if that happened as well, meaning that if pablo doesn’t make the grade (for whatever reason), the club has organised our two CB’S for next season in Salibas and one other – paving the way for the likes of luiz, soks and mustafi to depart.

    Reggie, that’s our little wager sorted then, I really couldn’t see MA not stipulating some reinforcements, but I must admit, it was getting mighty tight!!!

      1. Reggie, we discussed if any transfers would happen in January and you were convinced there wouldn’t be any transfers due to no money being available and I thought there would be…if you can’t remember it doesn’t really matter anyway – Onwards and Upwards.

        1. No Ken, as usual you put words into peoples mouths. There is no money for transfers, i said in plain English, there will only be loans and any signings made will impact on the summer spending. We have one loan player in so far. I also stated we will not buy any player in this window (my opinion because i know the impact it will have on targets in the summer) and at the moment and will still be at the end, the case. I also think it shows that shopping in Aldi and not waitrose shows quite clearly we have little or no money to spend this winter.

          1. Reggie, as I said, it doesnt really matter anyway, if that’s what you said then fine.

            Let’s see what happens before the window closes then, as we are both now aware of what you said.

          2. Sue, i cant afford to shop in waitrose, im a lidl fan. I presume yellow ticket is shop soiled or out of date, is that right? Lol

  7. Arsenal fans never learn, always believing the fake news they read in the media who have absolutely no idea which players Arsenal are in for.
    Absolutely no journalist reported on Mari until he was spotted with Edu after the deal had been concluded in principle. When the deal was not announced immediately, they made up a lie that the goal posts had been shifted by Arsenal or Flamengo.
    He had simply been allowed to go back to say goodbye to his teammates after the deal was finalised behind closed doors.
    Welcome home Mari.

  8. Im so glad this got negotiated down to a loan. Well done Arsenal, that’s how you do it. Welcome, Pablo! Please dont be injured most of the time like our other loanees.

  9. I would like to see holding and Mari get game time but it might be too soon for Mikel to experiment with too any changes.

    It will take the lad time to first settle into the club and into life in london and as soon as he feels the expectation of the fans, start to performance from the off.

    I think he will have the right people in the background to aid his migration into life as an arsenal man.

    The start of the Arteta era is already in full swing, can this signing be one that one day we look back at with fondness. I hope so!

  10. He seems to be level headed. He and Cedric Soares(as and when he actually signs) are good signings and forward looking. With Pablo we will have a physical presence in the defence and he is a left footer which is another advantage. In Soares we will have a defender who is PL ready and quite reliable. Up the Gunners!

  11. When you said that you can’t please everyone you were correct. There are some on here that used to wait for the next article and they’d have a go about it taking a while, then admin would remind them that they can send some in if they’d like. Myself, I remember a few times when I was waiting on a fresh article, and soon as it came you could see that I wasn’t the only one. Also when busy at Christmas one year, people were getting a bit antsy about having one article for the whole day. So you might think everyone is thinking ten articles are too much, but that is far from the case, some folk prefer to reply to the articles than replying to posters/commenters.

    I liked Mari’s interview, when he said that Liv basically aren’t anything special, that they’re just people like the rest are just people, it was good, he gives them zero respect. I hope this is what he was sounding like before he played Liv, we need some more of that, the last time we had that was in the Invincibles (not invisibles, invisible is to be unseen).

    Soares, I must admit that I’ve never paid particular attention to him, and he never really jumped/stood out for me, but I’ve only seen him maybe when we played Sou and when a top 4 game v Sou mattered to our league position. I’d have to see what you guys think of him, my knowledge outside AFC is very limited, but we have fans who watch all the football that they can get, maybe one of these fans can tell us if Bellerin should be concerned, like Kolasinac was supposed to be. Or if we have any Southampton fans in here reading, it might be good to know what they make of it.

  12. Frankly I am not looking at their price tags for one reason. Arteta has shown that he is capable of improving most of our players, if not all of them. Some more than others obviously. So whoever comes in can only get better with Arteta’s coaching. I am excited. I don’t expect much this season. Top four could be a bridge too far but a Europa league win is very much in the cards because it is a cup game with fewer games to play. Either you win or you lose. Nobody is calculating points at this stage.

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