Video: Parlour slams Arsenal – ‘They are going backwards’

Former Arsenal midfielder Ray Parlour is amongst a growing list of frustrated fans of the club, and claims we are ‘going backwards’.

Our side picked up back-to-back defeats this week when we were supposed to be looking to kick on and challenge for the European places, but we have actually dropped back to tenth in the table since the restart.

What is most frustrating is that our side was on a win of three consecutive wins prior to the Coronavirus putting a halt to the Premier League, and we now have a major job to do.

Parlour now claims that our confidence will be ‘shot’, and that our side are ‘going backwards’ at present.

Will Arteta be able to rally the troops into getting a result against Southampton on Thursday? Will a win put us back in with a chance of the European places?


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  1. OT.. Watching Newcastle…would love Saint-Maximin at Arsenal – what a unit!
    Bloody hell Joelinton’s drought has ended – and it wasn’t against us 🤣
    Nice to see SU getting spanked!

  2. We don’t seem to think about decent serviceable players when considering transfers. It seems to be home run or bust, and mostly bust.

    You look around the league and see how many central defenders there are who are better than our group – and I am not talking Virgil. Heck, go to the Championship, go to Europe.

    We are not a power of Europe, we don’t have a lot of money. We have history and that is worth a bit, but the value diminishes every year. The team has to be pragmatic in its transfer business – get decent serviceable people and maybe break the bank once and awhile. Right now we need a solid team.

    I have said it a couple of times, other than Leno and a couple of youngsters, I think we can do better everywhere without getting the best in the world. We need bodies and we need to turn some of our regulars into bench players and some need to go away.

    Auba is good but he doesn’t want to be there – body language shows how frustrated he is. Can’t even buy Ozil out, just send him home, pay him and it is over next year.

    And somebody please figure out what is wrong with our training regimes – our people seem to be made out of glass.

    As Mr. Fox has said, we need to be realistic and I think that we need to be realistic for a while.

    1. Stewart
      It’s like we’re playing the same old song year after year!!
      I’ve been following Arsenal since the middle 60’s when my mum and dad used to take me and I have never been more demoralised than I am now.

      We weren’t always successful – there were ups and downs but I never thought that through a catastrophic change of ownership that Arsenal could be reduced to what it is now. In fact in the early to middle years of Wenger (and also George Graham from earlier) I thought we had it all and could see no end to our success

      We are a pale imitation of what we were and now don’t know what we stand for. Football in general has changed for the worst with mediocre players throughout the PL earning a kings ransom. Feted like gods.

      They earn more than the manager which I think is part of the problem. They can just stick 2 fingers up like they did to Emery and still earn their money without giving a damn

      It’s a long way back from the abyss

      1. 👍 Sue, at least in those Arsenal lean years Arsenal players represented their Club and badge well, gave their best (even if it wasn’t enough) and were hard to beat. Now no one fears playing the Arsenal, because it is represented by overpaid, self absorbed wimps, who would not be tolerated by Ray Parlour, Tony Adams, Patrick Viera, Martin Keown, Frank McLintock and Peter Storey, Peter Simpson, Billy Wright et al.

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