Video – Patrick Vieira on Granit Xhaka in his own words

Patrick Vieira sends his support to under-fire Granit Xhaka.

There has been a lot of talk about Granit Xhaka over the last few weeks. most of it negative in my opinion. However, one person that is unwavering in supporting the 27-year-old midfielder is former Arsenal legend, Patrick Vieira.

The former Arsenal legend follows in the footsteps of Arsene Wenger, who also refused to jump on the anti-Xhaka bandwagon.

It is easy to write what someone says about the current situation at Arsenal, be it about a player, the manager, fans or owner. But it is always better to listen to them in person, that way you can judge their sincerity.

Anyway, here is the video and judge for yourself if his words are sincere. I believe they are.



  1. Roshan says:

    Nagelsman is the clear top selection and ticks every box.
    We should have got him the first time round. He was Sven’s top selection

    1. Innit says:

      Not really ticks all the boxes
      Lack of managerial experience
      Has contract with Leipzig until 2023
      Hasn’t won any trophies
      Hasn’t managed a big club

      What boxes does he tick exactly ?

      1. Diogenes says:

        What boxes?

        1. Develops and improves young players
        2. Overachieves regularly against higher spending clubs
        3. Has qualified for CL with a team that had no realistic chance
        4. Has been a top-flight manager for 4 years already unlike, say, Lampard who’s doing just fine a few months into his first top flight job
        5. Plays attracting football that Arsenal fans would love to watch
        6. Is still on an upward trajectory unlike most other options
        7. Has said: ‘I like the way Villarreal play and they have a great way of coaching young players. I also like Barcelona and Arsenal.’ So at least he likes us (well, maybe not under Emery, this was said a few years ago).

        But, yeah, he doesn’t tick too many boxes.

  2. Godswill says:

    Support the team. Support the boys. Wish them well. It is for our own good.

  3. Aeontisty says:

    I’m happy this interview got here at last, but it’s weird no one is engaging it which might mean no one is interested in supporting players they don’t like.
    Mr Patrick cited something about ex players for the club “I find it really difficult a lot of ex-footballers have jumped
    on him and being really negative towards him – it’s too too
    easy.” it just shows how two faced most are, at least some of them are sincere about what happened.

    1. Admin Martin says:

      I agree

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