Video – Poor Aubameyang tries to explain why Arsenal are “not good enough”

Arsenal were outplayed, out-manoeuvred, out-classed and severely humiliated by Man City at the Etihad this afternoon, and now have a rrecord-breaking ZERO points and ZER goals from their first three Premier League games this season.

Pep Guardiola made it 9 wins in a row against Arsenal now, and we haven’t even score one goal in the last five, but the worst thing was that we never loked like we were going to get anything from the game, even before Granit Xhaka got sent off for a reckless two-footed challenge.

So it was left to our captain Aubameyang to face the cameras and talk to the fans after the game, and surprisingly he wasn’t very happy in the slightest.

This is what he had to say….


  1. What have we spent all this money on?.we could of had a good team if we had got rid of the trouble players and bought right.we haven’t got a right back no decent centre backs.midfield is week and clueless. What on earth was xhaka kept for.😡

  2. Aubamayang is lazy and he is not a leader…I just watched sadio Mane…he was all over the field ..everywhere…out of Laca, and Auba..Laca holds it up better, and runs harder for the team….defensively we are what we pay for and since 5 years or more this is how this greedy ownership destroyed us. Now they spend some money still haven’t cleared out half the first team garbage and their dealer than dead wood. Xhaka is such garbage in no way should he start much less be captain..Mari Holding Chambers Bellerin Al nanny kolacrapic AMN Soares…YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR..OR NOT!!
    And then you want a miracle from Arteta , you wanted him so bad?..Truth is a Top Flight manager wants millions and he wants guaranteed investment to win..THATS WHY YOU PLAY..WHY YOU MANAGE..not us we have the krumke,s… in very little crumbs could care less about winning and never have cared…just suck us dry and leave us in the Championship. This team will never be the same until they sell this team until then every week is going to be like suffering a horrific death

    1. It’s alleged that Guendouzi said to Brighton “he and his teammates earn so much more than they ever will”. We pay well enough that we find it difficult to offload players due to high wages. ! Our backup defenders. Get more money than mains defenders of may so called smaller clubs. But they put in more heat and effort on pitch that Whats seen in last 3 games. From our players.

      I saw only 1st two goals today. Championship players will put in better effort to clear those crosses. There was no effort. There are something’s money can’t buy. Pride and passion to win or determination not to loose is not there.

      1. Those players are not as bad as some of the fans label then, if they are properly managed and instructed with good tactics, they will do better than how they played today.

        How many players are well known in the like of westham, crystal palace and the like? And do you think they would have lost this badly with 10 men on the pitch? No my pal.

        The guy coaching them at the moment if not up to the task give to him basically.

        Poor Arteta.

    1. We saw smith rushing on to Enderson and putting him under spot of bother.
      This used to be Auba’s trademark. Have seen him scoring 2-3 such goals in past. Everyone says he had issues. On personal front last year. Personally issues leading to sharpness dropping is understandable. But haven’t seen chasing the ball the way he used to. He doesn’t run with energy and passion any more.
      Not just captain, he is not the same forward we knew once.

  3. At this point I think the team needs external help, someone to remind the players how prideful it is to wear the badge but it’s a sad one

    1. True. So called relegation contenders go to matches knowing that they are underdogs in a match against title contenders. But still believe that upsets happens and may be today is that day.

      Unfortunately, there seem be “conviction” among our players that not only we are supposed to lose, we also have no right of dreaming that we can also upset such teams like city

  4. If these players are still playing for their manager,I dread to see what will happen when they down tools!!

  5. Is Arsenal the most disgraceful most spineless team in the Epl? I honestly think so. My goodness is this team, their manager and the whole ownership just the worse.

  6. Don’t sell AM-N but use him as RB. He is excellent in this position. Soares and Champers are crap. Today exposed their limitations. We cannot count on these two players in the defence.
    Get some of these players instead if possible:
    Bissouma and Aarons. Maybe Bellotti.
    But I am afraid its not possible so late before deadline day. Loan deals with obligation to buy maybe.

  7. Let’s be sinscere Arsenal is the most shameless club I have ever seen, how can you get an apprentice to do the job of a professional…… Our dream of playing champions league is dead, finishing 8th or below is worthless just go down to championship …… Arteta, kreonke and Edu you are all bunch of mistakes… Football shouldn’t be you career….. You people should go find a job in a Motel or something… Very useless and hopless people to depend on..

  8. Arsenal take an eternity to move into attack gear.
    Thats whyMA finds it difficult to score and win.
    Dont think Norwich will be easy meat.If Arsenal cant beat NC ,that means all the time given to the Spaniard has been wasted
    As for Conte dont be surprised he will turn down the gunners. If that happens it will show how far the decline has been

    1. Wolfgang, Eddie Howe thought the Glasgow Celtic job was too tough for him, so what would he think of Arsenal?

      1. Howe is a humble person. Naturally he can be persuaded.
        In a year when/if Arsenal want to change manager, then Eddie Howe would IMO be a perfect manager. He is a very promising manager. Even under at tight budget Howe has showed that he can do very well. It’s not about getting a big name or a big money spending manager. IMHO what it’s all about is to get a manager, who has a clear football philosophy, who can communicate with the players and transform the team into adapting his playing style 100%. Every player should know his role under different circumstances. This playing style should be trained again and again. If the players adore their manager they will do
        their utmost to live up to his expectations.
        Eddie Howe or Brendan Rodgers are my favorites for an Arsenal manager once in the future.

  9. I am very very ashamed of this club, we bought lokonga and sale gwen what is lokonga doing on the bench. That mean he is not good enough and gwen is far much better than him. All our players are very ok. But no motivation no tactics no coordination and no directions. Please let’s tell our selves the truth we need a new manager that can do all this. Thanks

  10. I am just disappointed. Arteta, greedy Korenkos or whatever they call them, Edu and all those fringe players should go and leave Arsenal alone.

    Something needs to be done urgently. Arteta cannot handle Arsenal – period. He should be sacked now. Granit or Granite Xhaka should be a sub with his sub performance.

    When Frank Lampard failed woefully with Chelsea, he was quickly replaced with an experienced manager and the fortunes of Chelsea changed positively.

    Why is the case of Arsenal quite different? I think there should be a fans revolt. Let the stadium be empty on match day to press home our point. The insensitivity and nonsense is too much.

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