Video – Pundit gives a brutal assessment of Arsenal win over West Ham

Pundit not too kind to Arsenal despite beating West Ham 1-0 at the Emirates yesterday.

It seems that even though Arsenal won and collected an invaluable three points, ESPN pundit Steve Nicol was not impressed with Mikel Arteta’s men on Saturday afternoon in North London.

The former Liverpool player has basically branded Arsenal a mid-table team full of average players apart from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

It was not the best performance yesterday but it was a win and I feel that Nicol is being harsh for the sake of it.

This video comes courtesy of ESPN FC Youtube channel.

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  1. Much as I hate to, I’m afraid I have to agree substantially. The performance yesterday was not deserving of a victory.
    This team, as it is, will take us nowhere!
    Nicolas Pepe is such a waste of space and money!
    There is no aggression in the team. They are hardly creating chances. Auba is a waste on the wings.
    I know we have a few key players injured at the moment, but the truth remains that if something really drastic is not done to improve the squad, we will struggle even further in the new season.

    1. Sadly, CorporateMan I have to largely agree with you.
      Clearly MA is having an impact on the team as we have been not conceding and are not spiraling downwards anymore. However, there is a long way to go before the club challenges again. He can only do so much with the players he has at his disposal and you are right that some drastic action needs to be taken to improve the squad for next season.

      I am hopeful that some of the younger players coming through improve enough to be top players but as everyone I know keeps telling me – we are not great to watch.
      It just shows how difficult it is to pick up a struggling team as Ancelotti is now discovering. Arteta has done well to steady the ship and assert his authority with what was a rag bag of a team that ran the dressing room instead of Emery.

  2. Depends on what happens below for the CL.

    My guesses: 6W, 1D, 3L for 19 points. So, about 60 points ttl.

    If we can win at home against the Wolves and beat the Foxes away there is 5th place for the CL. That said, in the EPL there are not easy games any more.

    Man City v Arsenal = 0
    Brighton v Arsenal = 3
    Southampton v Arsenal = 3
    Arsenal v Norwich = 3
    Wolves v Arsenal = 1
    Arsenal v Leicester = 0
    Tottenham v Arsenal = 3
    Arsenal v Liverpool = 0
    Aston Villa v Arsenal = 3
    Arsenal v Watford = 3

    1. JJ Pawn

      You are a cup half full person which is lovely.
      Even if we get these 19 points do you think that Chelsea and on current form, ManU will slip up sufficiently?

      I do think it is possible for us to make the EL but don’t feel confident that we have enough to make it higher. Villa and Watford will be fearsome opponents at the end of the season if they are still struggling to keep in the PL

      1. It will be hard to catch United. They are back with a more traditional set of players and less of the drama. That being said, we have to try.

        What is good about the recent EPL is the relative parity except for the top two. Any of the next eight teams of the top ten can slip as there is a balance of power of some sort out there, so there is hope for us.

        We just need to get behind the team and make home games winnable. But, as you know fans are attacking the player and the coach, even against the Hammers we could have been louder and much more supportive.

        I think the players feel the attacks–Torreira was in tears when Xhaka was criticized. I know the Arsenal fans are among the most spoiled given what Wenger provided. Our fans even ran Wenger out. Wenger won FA Cups in his last five years, while he had little money to spend.

        Long way to say: get behind the team 100%. Shake the stadium! Be the #1 set of fans in the world.

  3. Maybe if we don’t play any Uefa competition next season maybe we can challenge for the title or top easily

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