Video – Pundit unusually positive following Arsenal’s impressive 4-0 demolition of Newcastle

ESPN pundit Craig Burley gives his reaction to Arsenal’s win over Newcastle today.

Craig Burley is usually rather negative about Arsenal but on this occasion, he had some good things to say about the club and Mikel Arteta in particular.

It is not all praise and he was rather pragmatic but considering how negative he and his fellow pundits have been about Arsenal all season long it was a good change today.

That is not to say he has been wrong about Arsenal this season because for the most part, he has not but in all fairness, he did not pick holes in the result and was fair and balanced I believe.

Have a watch and let us know in the comments if you think Burley gets it about right.

This video is courtesy of ESPN FC via their Youtube channel.

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  1. Arteta is using his heart instead of his head to pick the starting line-up. You might praise him now, but he is digging his own grave. It will catch up with him in the long run

    1. That is a ridiculous comment. Do you believe he learned that from Pep? Remember, he also has a game on Thursday that he must win, which all contributes to the decisions he makes. Never take Arteta for someone that doesn’t consider very carefully what he is doing and why. He wants as few unintended consequences as possible.

  2. @ top gunner,
    You maybe right, but how and why do you think is following his heart instead of his head.
    I hope fans are not the one influencing this decision

    1. Glorious, if Arteta let fans dictate who he should select, he would not be Arsenal’s head coach. Goodness me, where do these thoughts come from, just because he did something unexpected? Give the man some credit for independent thinking! He learned from the best, remember? Did it work? Did we win? Did we play well? Why have thoughts about team selection?

  3. Craig Burley has always (in my opinion) been an honest fair pundit in his assessment of the issues at Arsenal.

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