Video – Pundits analyse Arsenal win over Leeds United in FA Cup

Pundits discuss the difference that Mikel Arteta made last night.

Pundits react to the win over Leeds United and how things changed after half time.

There was not universal agreement on the Mikel Arteta impact and they were not overly impressed with the players, in fact, they were quite damning in some respects.

The ESPN panel of Craig Burley, Dan Thomas, Don Hutchison and Steve Nicol make some harsh points to be fair, though it must be pointed out that at least one pundit was more positive than the others.

To say they were underwhelmed is a bit of an understatement and they are worth listening to, this is not about them attacking Arsenal, more about highlighting the problems that Arteta still faces.

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    1. Completely agree bro, why most the media just don’t like us I don’t understand. I bet if it was Liverpool they would have said they showed what champions should be made of, they still get result even if they don’t play well. But I our case they are saying we are lucky n look pathetic. These pundits make me laugh…most of them have no clue what’s they are on about n when given the hot seat have failed miserably.

  1. The guys arguing against arsenal (don’t know their names) are placing arsenal on a pedestal. They don’t believe arsenal should be scraping wins against a championship side. If anything, they’re crediting Arteta doing the most with a bang average squad.

    While the other guys(don’t know their names either) argue arsenal have been very decent, given the horribly low standard we have set for ourselves in recent times.

    Both parties praise Artetas impact.
    Both parties have a point.

  2. Listening to this I feel embarrassed for these guys. Nothing changes??? We deserved to win against Chelsea, we beat Man U and we deserved to win last night. If these guys don’t have skill or willingness to see major areas of improvement under Arteta they can’t be taken seriously. How many back-to-back clean sheets did Emery get this season?

  3. I think everyone seems to forget that Leeds came with a fight and that team have been impressive all season. This should be their first loss in about 16 games.

  4. We won. The end. If anybody thinks all games should be a cake walk for us, they are the ones with the problem. There were two games being played last night. The first one was Arsenal vs Leeds. The second one was Arteta versus Bielsa. Tactically, it was never going to be a walk in the park. Bielsa is a master. Arteta is just getting started and guess what? Arteta won this one. It was a big win. So if you are an Arsenal fan, be happy. You progressed to the next round and the chances of us winning a trophy is still there. Be happy

  5. Leeds surprised us. Most spectators would believe that Arsenal would see most of the ball with us being at home and not really resting many players. Leeds made sure that this didn’t happen. I think most, larger, teams would have stepped off the gas when facing a championship side at home and with a strong lineup.

    Nicol would not be speaking like that if it was Liv. Liv had issues when he first arrived, if the turnaround had been like ours with how bad we were and then grafting v Che, Utd, and eventually Leeds, with two wins and two clean sheets, and Che result going against us due to unforced error ..Nicol would say you know what, there is a bit of light here, the grass is looking a little greener but they need to keep pushing and they’re in need of some new signings that the manager wants to get in. Klopp brought Liv further down when he first came over, maybe he knew that the club would spend more because of that and he’d have a free run at the league positions, it worked out for Klopp even though initially he brought them back a few steps. Nicol, how is he more harsh with our impact from Arteta than he was of Klopps. The other guy, Burley, he never sticks his neck out, he’s a cowardly pundit who writes it all off and waits til there is absolutely no doubt when he gives them some praise. He has no particular football expertize to speak of, and that is why he never sticks his neck out, a lot of talking but never anything insightful or spotting early signs that he can see before passing it on to fans.

    1. B-o-t, I usually see your posts as well reasoned; however you are wrong on this one. Craig Burley “has no particular football expertise to speak of”?
      Scottish U21 International 7 games
      Full Scottish International 1995-2003 46 games
      EPL Chelsea 113 games
      EPL Derby County 73 games
      Glasgow Celtic 64 games
      Lower leagues at end of career 9 games.
      I don’t know about you or others on this site, but he sure has me shot to pieces on football expertise.
      I always find Craig Burley very fair in his assessments of the situation at all clubs, even those he played for, unlike the majority of the Manchester United or Liverpool fanboys. Gary Neville and Steve Nichol are notable exceptions. I also disagree that Burley is not insightful.

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