Video – Pundits analyse top-four – what are Arsenal chances?

ESPN pundits analyse who will finish top-four behind Liverpool and Man City

ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol and Mark Donaldson have analysed which teams will fill the final two top-four positions.

It is basically accepted that Liverpool and City will take first or second but after that, it is anyone’s guess.

And we are not just talking Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd and Tottenham as contenders. Wolves, Leicester City and Everton are also in consideration.

Nicol and Donaldson did talk a lot of sense, however, I did disagree with them on some points. I will leave if for you to watch and react yourselves without my input.

But I will admit I enjoyed the video and the conclusion.


  1. I’d be highly disappointed if Arsenal cannot finish in top four, because we have good mixtures of senior and young players in all departments

  2. I’m not sure that people can even be sure that Liverpool or City will take the top spots, I don’t think Pool will go unbeaten this season and city are already dropping points. We are only 9 points behind Pool it’s not inconceivable that if we pick up form and the team gel quickly when everyone is fit then we could find ourselves in the title run….. I don’t think we will win it but will nice to at least be in with a chance again.
    (Yes I’m hopelessly optimistic but I believe in the strength of our squad and believe Emery can get them going)

    1. If Emery thinks like you we would be 2nd in the table now behind Liverpool. It’s common knowledge now that Emery sets his team not to lose away from home and rather than fighting for 3points. The team is capable of fighting it out with Pool and City but we don’t have a courageous manager to do that.

      1. I have had this debate a few times recently lol but suffice to say I believe that there is a plan at work and our manager is not as cowardly as he seems.
        If he carries on with his timid football after the break with a fully fit squad then I will hold my hands up and admit I was wrong – until then 3rd with just 1 loss with a backline as weak as ours is pretty damn impressive in my books.
        And his attacking football as evidenced in the UEL is pretty good football so I look forward to the day (maybe even as soon as sheff utd) when we can do the same in the PL

        1. 👍 I concur and will put my hand up and admit it, if I am wrong.
          I hope others who have attacked the coach at every opportunity (even items relevant to other issues) will do the same.

  3. I actually don’t think it is whether our team is good enough or not to finish in the top four. With Tierney, Bellerin and Holding on the way back I have no doubt the team has what it takes to get top four. The ‘Problem’ is Emery. When I saw the team he played at Watford and the way they wre set up to perform, I could see there was something Emery just does not have. Emery will be the reason if we don’t make it. Last season Xhaka single-handedly kept us out of the top four, but because of Emery’s choices. Emery has a measure of ‘bottling it’ and that may well cost us. Against the Villa, when he took Xhaka off we started to play. If Emery plays our factually best team we will qualify for Europe, but…..he is quite capable of ‘bottling’ it and setting the team up to fail.

  4. Manchester City and Liverpool have shown that they are the strongest teams in Premier League, no doubt about it, so they will be in top four for sure. I think you don’t need to make City lost at home as a sign that they would also struggle to be in top four. It’s still normal that the strongest team in the league lost at home. It also happened to Bayern home defeat just after the demolition against Spurs. So it leaves 2 spots for other teams to fight. Logically that would be for Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, MU and maybe Leicester. Leicester seem to be stronger this season while MU, well the season is still early and we should never underestimate them. To be honest I don’t see the point of making that prediction now. Why don’t wait until busy Christmas when we could see who among the top six will fight for the top four, or most likely for third and fourth 😊

  5. I will differ with everybody on here and say that no position in EPL is cast in iron. However the only logical conclusion one can make is that Liverpool and Man City will be in the top four.
    It would be foolhardy to predict the Champion and runner up at this early stage of the season. Liverpool has been very lucky since last season because they haven’t suffered any significant injuries. Can anyone imagine what would happen if they got the kind of injuries that Arsenal has been having? Hence it is very unreasonable to make any conclusions now. Perhaps by the end of December we might have a vague idea of who might end where.
    I will agree with some on this site who say if it weren’t for Unai Emery Arsenal could easily pull off a surprise run at the title. One may legitimately ask why not? We have the players to achieve this feat. The only missing ingredient is boldness on the part of the coach. If he can muster enough courage and start being reasonably adventurous we could shock all those teams.

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