Video – Pundits discuss Europa League including Arsenal chances

Pundits analyse whether Arsenal, Man Utd or Inter Milan will be lifting the Europa League.

ESPN pundits Mark Donaldson and Alejandro Moreno have looked at the top teams left in the Europa League and their respective chances.

The focus of the discussion was on Man Utd, Inter Milan and Arsenal, they never spoke about Ajax, Wolves, Sevilla or Roma and so to some extent, it was a rather narrow conversation.

What they said about Arsenal I found a little predictable but I will leave that for you to judge for yourselves and whether they were balanced in their opinions.

This video comes courtesy of ESPN UK official Youtube channel.

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  1. Not surprised ESPN pundits to be negative about Arsenal. They speak better of Man Utd than Arsenal, knowing the fact that we beat Man Utd. this season. Arsenal should win the EUL and show these pundits what we are capable of . Up the Gunners!

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