Video – Quick after match analysis, Emery cannot last much longer

Emery is not going to escape declares ESPN’s Alejandro Moreno.

I am trying to avoid knee jerk reactions right now, there is time for that. No, I am going to stick up some cold analytical videos and this one is spot on.

ESPN’s Alejandro Moreno pinpoints what is wrong at Arsenal right now. It is dysfunctional.

It was a terrible performance and only a last-minute equaliser from Alexandre Lacazette saved the day. But will it be enough for Emery to save his job?

This very pertinent question and more are answered in this video.

Have a watch, it is worth it.

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  1. Supporting this Arsenal team is not good for the health. The person in charge of sacking the person in charge of sacking Emery, needs to be sacked.

  2. The positive I take from this match is that we surely wont have any more silly deluded posts about how we can make top 4 !

    1. Hahahahaha.. damn right, Le Coq!

      We all know the truth but some still don’t want to face the fact that Arsenal are just a mid table team at best. Under Emery though, we are heading south of the table toward relegation. And yes, it is possible!!

      Stop the solution and face facts!

  3. Emery: I understand fans’ frustrations

    I could swear has not the slightest idea of how we feel, because if he did, he would just resign on his own….. I wonder what the board is still waiting to see, how is he still our manager for God’s sake….. I bet like me, many others are already tired of saying the same thing week after week…. GET EMERY TF OUT!

  4. For me, a draw at home against Southampton is as bad as a loss. So I don’t see the Lacazette goal as “saving the day”

    I honestly thought the lineup was good enough for a win even with Ozil in and Pepe out but it was a pathetic performance

    He wasn’t helped by Ozil. Again even against a lower table team, Ozil showed his average ability.
    Martinelli and Tierney instead gave Lacazette assists for his goals

    Pepe was really good when he came on. I do see improvement
    Again Emery should have started him

    Emery is to blame but players performance wasn’t good enough either

      1. he had an average game, not bad compared to some players but not a good one. He tried hard, had some very good moves and some bad ones. If he tried like today for at-least half his arsenal career he would have little critics. Just having a good workrate isn’t enough hence the term headless chicken but fans appreciates players giving their all despite not having a good day. Thats the reason ramsey is liked by the fans, he never hide on the field.

  5. This result has really piled the pressure on. A loss would have been bye bye but a draw takes the inevitability away but it is a result that was not wanted or needed. I think there will be scurrying behind the scenes but nothing is a given, anything can happen. Didn’t see the game, i cant comment on it and wont speculate what went wrong but a draw is an awful result for all sorts of reasons.

  6. Is anyone actually surprised by the result ?……………….now let me put this to you all……………I might be jumping the gun, but I bet most of you are not surprised by it and us fans have been seeing this for a while and knowing that this manager is not good enough and out of his depth, now I ask this……………do any of you think the board are surprised by this result ?……….if the board are as in the know as probably a 100% of us fans are, then they would not be surprised by this result and that my friends is a testament to how out of tune this board are, they are slow to react , dragging their feet, but why ?………..they surely know that this guy will not turn it around and they if like some of us think that we on current form will be under threat from relegation if it carries on, then they surely must act now……………this ebening at the least !

    1. Le Coq Monster, I don’t think they are surprised. I think they are wishing and hoping that the result will be different so that they don’t have to spend money hiring another manager. But you see, I don’t have anything to say to emery’s anymore until he leaves. I only come to read and enjoy comments from people like you, and sue, and ken, and Phil, and Eddie and others. My husband told me to not waste a sweat until there is a change, he told me it’s not worth our emotions.

      1. Hello Pat, thanks for liking my comments…….the ones that get through as the admin staff bin a few for there adult nature, although they are light hearted, but you`ve either got a sense of humour or you haven`t ! hahaha

        I had this thought about your husbands Spuds and it made me giggle and it`s a fact !…………….Mourinho as we know has a shrine about/for himself in the new shite hole and why not as when you think about it, he has won more trophies in his career than the Spuds have in their entire history…………he is bigger than the club and his trophy room is bigger than Spuds one ! 😆

        1. We do have aa sense of humour Le Coq but we also have young kids visit the site. I am sure you understand.

          1. We have young kids visit the site !!!…………… do they feel about Emery may I ask ! hahaha………………get you AdMart, I`d bin some of them aswell ! hahaha

        2. 😂😂😂😂. My husband feels much better than me as we speak. Can you imagine Tottenham sacking Poch ahead of us sacking Emery😣😣😣😣. And he got Dele Ali playing like a brand new number 10, and they got a result today. Pat doesn’t like Jose at all but imagine what results can do

          1. I know a few Spuds, Pat, and all were surprised/shocked at Pocketdildos dismissal…………..going by the way Spuds acted, we should have sacked Wenger after the CL final in 2006 ! 😆

  7. This is numbed and KO man, his boss keeps him all dizzy and inconsicious on EPL ring. Running off right after whistle as booing starts. For Kroenke to don’t throw that sponge to stop this beating on a man who is totally dizzy and KO.

    The formation is made with Kroenke influence, Emery can’t get it right…I suspect some massive betting scam going on. This is simply unreal Dude think we played well, upon his game plan I guess.and says that score reflects game! What else to be added? We in progress, we didn’t lose game!

    Simply pathetic and can’t blame Emery, he is totally wounded, for Kroenke to keep him fighting all KO and dizzy is a disgrace!

    1. Mogunna, usually agree with your comments, but not one that you have said above.

      How on earth can you blame kronkie for the formation, he’s not even in the country and doesn’t have a clue about “soccer”?!

      All Emery has to do is resign if he feels dizzy and mortally wounded, after all kronkie is paying him reported £6,000,000 a year to find a winning formation.

      If he’s influencing it, why not do it himself? Come to think about it, that’s not a bad idea is it?

      1. Just a sobering thought Ken. That you think a business owner living over 3000 miles away from his business is blameless for knowing nothing of how his investment is being misrun is OK by you? No wonder we disagree so often. I totally put the shambles we are in directly down to Kroenke not knowing anything about football and not caring that the present clown is mismanaging his club. A fit and proper owner would personally sack Emery tonight. They have telephones in the USA! Even if he then left choosing the new manager to those in day to day charge and let Freddie take over the reins for a while, THAT would be something! For you to exonerate Kroenke of blame is astoundingly naive and plain silly. He is the prime long term reason we are becoming laughing stocks and the buck always stops with the ultimate decision owner. Or do you disagree even with that?

        1. Jon, you are obviously not sober, or you didn’t read my post correctly once again.

          I quite clearly stated that kronkie had no influence on the FORMATION that UE chose to play today…unless of course, you think Unai rings him up before every game and says:

          “Hello Big Stan, here is my team for todays game and this is my formation.
          Are you happy with this, or do you want me to change any of the players and what formation would you like me to play?”

          Why does kronkie pay him a reported £6,000,000 a year? To use his telephone and ask for permission as to his formation? Jon, I thought you had more sense than that at your age.

          Honestly Jon, you are so quick to try and prove me wrong, you really do make a twit of yourself sometimes…perhaps that is the reason we disagree so often.

          Let me remind you that I was calling for UE’s head six months ago, while you was still telling everyone he needed time, or have you already forgotten that?
          Next you’ll be telling everyone you knew last year he should be sacked, such is your power of forgetting things and re-inventing actual happenings to suit you.

          Now your saying I am exonerating kronkie of any blame…so Jon, give me the actual lines where I say that – word by word from my post at 8.39 pm.
          Can you do that?

          As I know you can’t, I will expect a FULL apology from you, because you have been astoundingly naive in not reading my post properly AND plain silly in questioning my belief that UE is mis-managing kronkies club, as I was long before you came on board as the NEW knight in shining armour!!!

          The problem with that Jon is people on here clearly remember how you called those of us who did call UE out as not having any sense etc etc. and how you made it quite plain what you thought of us, some even word for word.
          No wriggle space Jon, no wriggle space whatsoever!!!

          Now, if you want to take me on over kronkie, the new regime and UE by trying to be the guiding light on all things UE, then that’s fine by me and, by the way, I will answer your question – he is not the prime long term reason we HAVE become laughing stocks, it is the new regime (and gazidis) who take equal blame.
          The reason the buck stops with kronkie is because it’s his club, his money and his investment…now I will wait for the apology and answers to my questions.

          1. Ken, You are quite right. Kroenke has multiple interest and like any CEO/Chairman employs, in Arsenal case at great expense, people to run the day to day side of things. He does not influence the football side of Arsenal in any way.He would be stupid to do so as he is not a Football man and, as already said, has people who supposedly are there to do just that. Kroenke put 200 million at these peoples disposal and they used it,in my opinion, very badly.72 million on a winger who will not succeed in the EPL. Kroenke has the ultimate responsibility for the financial well being of Arsenal FC and in my opinion he is doing just that. The poor performance on the field is due to the inability of Emery to manage the players, and to have a cohesive playing strategy. Just for you I remember J.Fox say OZIL would be gone by last Christmas.He is still here.

  8. I think he’s gone, another home game fluffed, seriously. I just hope they were preparing properly for a best option to replace. There’s no redeeming quality right now that I see. He’s still going with players that don’t suit together, still going with tactics that don’t have us dominating forward play nor do they help us shut up shop, it’s a little of all over the place. We’re not drilled, and all the tactics and different shapes are probably to blame. I am actually starting to really worry, when fans said about Wenger possibly dragging us down and down I thought it was nonsense and they ignored a lot of what Wenger brought each season. But I do worry that at this rate if the slide continues, jeesh, you never know, we seen it with Leeds when they spent but lost the confidence. We’re lucky we have Auba, and Laca, looks like we’ll need them for sure.

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