Video – Reaction to Arsenal draw with Norwich City

Bernd Leno man of the match but the defence was absolutely shocking against Norwich City.

Arsenal fan Curtis Shaw analyses the game and is both critical and sensible with his comments.

Curtis covers the team selection, he was not impressed and was frankly confused.

He rates each player individually and does not hold back, especially with the defenders.

It is another good video from Curtis and he makes some excellent points, though I do not agree with all his ratings.

Watch the video and let us know if you agree with his ratings and comments on the players.

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  1. 2-2 away is actually better than I thought we would do

    When I saw that lineup esp defence, I thought we would suffer a loss

    If we played Ozil then we should have played him in Wilock’s position. I don’t get his positioning. I think we should have played Martinelli or Aubameyang where Ozil played today

    Also Tierney instead of Kolsanic

    Is Bellerin injured???

  2. I dont care who they get in, it could be the love child master tactician of Cruyff and Guardiola and they would commit suicde at the thought of having to train Luiz, Mustafi and Socratis as a leak proof defence.

    It`s going to take an age and isn`t it worrying that between Wenger, Emery and Freddie they all admire Xhaka !

    Ther is no quick fix my friends, we have a squad mindset that is rotten to the core, only confidence will make things better and that needs a run of wins to kick start it.

    As someone said before on another post ( possibly jon Fox )……………our defense has been a problem area for years, it needs sorting first and foremost and in that I include the midfield defense shield discipline and to my mind only people of the calibre of Graham, Adams, Keown etc can or should be begged to come and sort it out !

  3. I must admit football was much better today, we saw more of a pattern to our game, more urge to get the ball n keep the ball. We did pass the ball a lot quicker n players knew what was required of them. But as far as selection goes I think Freddie has learnt nothing from UE mistakes. We should play with on one DM not bloody three. Our young academy players apart from Martenlli need to sent on loan n should not play in primer league, they are not ready for it. Can some one please tell me what’s the point of spending so much money on a winger when he can not get into the team which practically speaking has no winger at all…apart from a kid called Saka. Why can’t we just play PAL up top Ozil behind them, play torreria as DM n try Guendozi as CM, play teryni as LB, Bellerin as RB, mustafi n holding as CB infornt of Leno.

    1. Mohsan, why did we buy Torreria as a DM, seemd to be the buy of the last season, then decide to play him out of position and even on the bench?
      As you say, Tierney is another example of spending a reported £28,000,000 then sit him on the bench.

      I’m not criticising freddie yet, because this was what UE did, so I can only hope we see all three players (pepe, torreria and tierney) actually playing in the right position.

      As you say, this performance was a 100% better than Thursday AND we weren’t scared of them!!

      By the way, well done toour away fans yet again – terrific as usual.

  4. There are several of us who have said that this is a mediocre squad especially in defence and midfield. Until these areas are fixed Arsenal will struggle.
    The recent focus has been the manager but do you really believe any of the current central defenders are good enough?
    As for Xhaka, sure he has his faults but who else is in the squad. The midfield options are limited.

    1. Agreed David and Xhaka was one of Arsenal’s better players against Norwich.
      I wish Freddie Ljundberg all the best with the job in front of him.

  5. What actually did they see in willock.He is senseless and has no vision.Chambers,luiz and bringing in mustafi was a foolish decision by ljungberg.Were is mavropanos?..That kid needs a play time more than luiz and socratis.Ljungberg will be sinking arsenal if he starts games with the same players…

  6. Our problem has always been midfield players getting too far upfield and not having enough energy to get back and be a buffer for the defence. Plus, the we give teams too much space before trying to close them down….

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