Video: Rival fans troll Arsenal as Ben White’s debut not going to script

All of our rivals have been waiting for their time to find a reason to troll Arsenal about their £50 Million signing of Ben White, and the smallest of highlights is the first of their attempts to get at us.

Today’s efforts will likely work however, as I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to get a rise out of me as I watch my beloved side trail 2-0 down to a newly-promoted side who started the match without a single player who had EVER made a starting line-up in the English top tier.

Today’s performance has been embarrassing, and a few injuries are not a good enough excuse for a club like ours.

Ben White however hasn’t been close to our worst player, but our rivals have no interest in that, unfortunately there is little comeback with the result going the way it is.

Pictures courtesy of Sky Sports

How do you rate White’s performance so far today?


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  1. We picked it from where we left it nothing change bout the team, if Arteta did not get sack sooner, we’ll need miracle to make top 4

  2. Poor Ben White, i didnt like what i saw, terrible first game and im worried, he doesnt look one bit like a central defender. Built like a Right back!

    1. exactly, which is the position he played in the only game he started against us last season Reggie

      1. I hope he is a super star for us and today was first night nerves but he looks nothing like what i like my central defenders to be. He isnt a dominant center back and at this moment in time i am baffled as to why we paid so much for him.

        1. Arsenal got only one defender and thats none other than holding and may be saliba would have been second.Lets continue selling our best and make kroenke rich , I fear for Arsenal but early disappointment is better lets relax now because we have no team

        2. from a ratings standpoint, he was their 3rd best defender, which doesn’t include the fact that Bissouma was likewise better defensively…this is the very reason why he saw some time out in the RB position and likely why he was a direct replacement for TAA on the national squad…of course, I hope he comes good and eventually becomes a centerpiece figure for our club, but it still baffles me that we could sell Mavro and loan out Saliba, then spend over the number on White before properly addressing our most pressing NEEDS

  3. That 50m pounds should have been spent on Aouar, Onana and Tomiyasu combined. Both Arteta and Edu should be sacked asap or else Arsenal will face relegation. I am sure Saliba would have done a better job. Arsenal must really consider sending Arteta on a full season loan before the transfer window closes.

  4. Ben White was simply thrown in at the deep end and told to swim. So unfortunate. For a CB to be successful, he needs time to get to know his keeper, fellow defenders, midfielder – in other words, the entire team. My fear is if we fail to protect this 50M rated Rolls Royce CB, he could soon end up on the pile of deadwood.

  5. Arteta and Edu should leave just early.u can’t be sayings you want to use what you have to make them better and you have beaten by a term from 75years never in the league.This team will sink into ralagation!Auba is just what he was sickness when the game near he just Ozil even Ozil is better than him.he is not willing to help the team.sent him on loan.Bring wengery back and please suck Arteta.he is not the right person

  6. Also this meme going around about a BW getting turned, i’d like to point out that Mari was SHITE, he was out of position, he came back to the ball, attempted a tackle and got it wrong which opened the space for the bees player to shoot.

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