Video round-up: 13 of Arsenal’s best hat-tricks

It’s been a while since we were able to watch our beloved Arsenal play live, but it is refreshing to relive these memories with you all.

Our club has enjoyed some of the finest moments in footballing history, and these highlights will no doubt put a smile on your face. I can personally remember the majority of these, although there is some more that I would have added myself.

It will be no surprise for you to see some of our greatest players of our history in the skit, with Dennis Bergkamp,Ian Wright, Thierry Henry and Aubameyang earning their place in the list of great hat-tricks.

Theo Walcott got a couple worthy of inclusion if I was to have created the highlight reel myself, while Olivier Giroud’s against Olympiacos from to seal our place in the next round back in 2015 will always be one to be remembered also.

My personal favourite was watching Cazorla putting the final touch for his three team goals for some reason, although an argument could be made for each and every one that is included for different reasons.

Which one was your personal favourite? Which do you remember most clearly?


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  1. Johnson Wende says:

    Arshavin Against Liverpool

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