Video – Sack Emery and employ Jose Mourinho or lose Aubameyang

A passionate Arsenal Youtube broadcast about Aubameyang from an unknown Youtuber.

Every day I do my general research of Arsenal news. I do the normal searching of news outlets, blogs and on Youtube. Well, today I found a very decent video about Aubameyang from an unknow Youtuber.

Obviously it is the big boys I go to first and foremost, especially on Youtube, as an example the official Arsenal channel, ESPN, Skysports and so on but I do not neglect the little guys.

Today I stumbled across this Youtube video from ic footballnews. They appear to be a general football channel with very few subscribers.

Now, I enjoyed his video I have to be honest, it may not be as slick as AFTV but you can see he has made an effort.

But it was his opinion that struck me, it seems very much in tune with Arsenal fans and I feel he makes some good points.

I do not necessarily agree with everything that is said but I am sure you agree that the little man deserves as much publicity as the big boys. I mean, the big boys tend to be very negative towards Arsenal anyway.


  1. gotanidea says:

    He can leave if he wants, because:

    – He is not getting any younger
    – We can’t even reach top four with his goals
    – We have got talented young forwards, such as Martinelli, Nelson, Saka, Nketiah and John-Jules

    1. RSH says:

      Another player that is worth a considerable amount of money that will leave for free though. And his goals are the only reason we are not far worse.

      1. gotanidea says:

        If he doesn’t want to play for us anymore, Arsenal should sell him

        1. RSH says:

          his contracts up end of the season. I cannot agree on selling Auba in January if this is a club serious about making UCL. We stand no chance without him.

    2. Adeski says:

      And you feel those names you mentioned are ready to fill that shoe?!!?

      1. gotanidea says:

        Yes, as long as they are given more chances next season

    3. brimzim says:

      ITS emery fault not aubamenyang

    4. brimzim says:

      john jules and saka need to be loaned out for more experience

    5. Kerosene says:

      My dear, those are good talent but the can’t move Arsenal anywhere as of now. they are foe the future and you need leaders to move them forward

    6. vlad the impaler says:

      boy you’re stuck on stupid…if not for auba this year…arsenal would be languishing around really are an ejiod if you think martinelli and especially saka, nelson or nketiah or john jules are anywhere ready to take on first team strike word…i am astounded by the stupidity of ppl like you!

  2. Adeski says:

    And you feel those names you mentioned are ready to fill that shoe?!!?

  3. Daulat says:

    I feel the same way that he will leave. Laca will take the lead. Would be good for Laca, as he would definitely start more often. But for Arsenal, if things don’t improve from how it is now, Auba leaving would just be bad. But it’s bound to happen.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Arsenal should do all they can to keep Auba for another 2yrs contract.I love Laca a lot but lets be real his not at the same level with Auba.Just try and deduct Auba’s goal since he arrived we would have not even been in the first 10.
      The kids are not fully ready yet to play at that level and we don’t have the luxury of patience on our time if u know what I mean.

    2. Musa median says:

      Do you thinkLaca will remain when Auba goes?Don’t forget he is the first one to like Emery out meaning he is not comfortable with him.And you who said Gab,Saka,Nelson and Nketia can fill the void of Auba that’s a big like those are kids and it’s for these big guys they are doing all these than that just for them to go and make it own their own then it’s a lose my dear.

  4. towny254 says:

    Love you gotanidea you talk sense Abua is 30 I would sell him in January get some good money we have good young forwards and let’s build a team of young players forget this season Alex Ferguson did years ago then you have a team for at least 8-10 years

  5. Abi says:

    Love Auba but he isn’t that much of a clinical finisher as you would expect, check his conversion rate. I would still take Vardy ahead of him for example. Martinelli will be a more lethal striker once given more playing time.

  6. brimzim says:

    we need to tie laca and auba for another 6yrs

    1. Stewart Macintosh says:

      we can’t though – with the state we are in they will go – Auba anyway, Laca’s value may have fallen enough that we can keep him. Not saying this is what I want, just think it inevitable considering where we seem to be heading.

  7. Reggie says:

    Its called evolving, if or when auba leaves, then lacca, pepe, martinelli or nketia will step in and step up. Love auba but he isn’t going to be here forever.

  8. Jimmy james says:

    Selling our top players will become the norm again. We can’t keep letting them go for free. Liverpool sold players such as Suarez, Sterling and Coutinho and reinvested wisely. We choose to let Sanchez, Ramsey, Welbeck etc go for free. If we are serious about getting back to the top we will need money and lots of it spent as wisely as possible. Kroenke isn’t going to give us the money so we have to sell our best players. I fear it will be a very long journey back to the top whoever our manager is.

  9. jon fox says:

    This naive young man is just stating the bl….ng obvious that we need to sack Emery, keep Auba and spend huge money in Jan. WOW! WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT IT WAS THAT EASY TO SORT OUT OUR CLUB. Now that Stan KNOWS HE MUST SPEND HUGE MONEY HE IS BOUND TO OBEY , ISN’T HE! WHAT’S THAT YOU SAY ABOUT A PARALLEL UNIVERSE! What a complete waste of a video and his time . He told us NOTHING we did not already know and presented it as if only HE had all the answers.What a lotof hot air about nothing new!

    1. Admin Martin says:

      You left ut his comments on Mourinho, that is what I found the most interesting and the most divisive aspect of the video.

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