Video – Sheff Utd 1-0 Arsenal extended match highlights

Watch the depressing extended highlights and analyse Arsenal 1-0 loss to Sheff Utd.

We all know what happened on Monday evening, another depressing away loss to inferior opponents. Cannot say I am too surprised, especially after the team that Unai Emery put out.

Watching the video of such a defeat is essential if one is to understand where it went wrong. Usually, the official videos from Sky or BT are rather short but there is an alternative.

I went to the official Sheff Utd Youtube channel and they have extended highlights ten minutes long in high quality. It is well worth a watch even if it is just to see how badly Emery got it wrong.


  1. I went to bed with the match still on I’m pretty sure I don’t want to see the highlights
    Carragher said arsenal are regressing
    Emery says we have good mentality and good team ethic the mans not got a clue
    Remember I said this is his last season

    1. Carragher was only inaccurate in his word “are”(regressing). He should have said “have”(and obviously so). The fact our manager speaks only unintellible English is surely one massive handicap when imparting ideas, to non Spanish speakers. Instructions always lose something when translated, as those who have ever played Chinese whispers know only too well.

  2. It’s in Kroenke’s hands. We can’t influence his decision.

    I’m pretty sure a guy who kept Wenger for years will not fire a manager for 2 losses

    I’m not saying he shouldn’t. I’m saying that he won’t

    The best we can do is hope things improve. I’m happy to give Emery more time. At least till January before I join the “Emery out” Brigade

    If we are in the top 4 in January, then I’ll give him till the end of the season.

    If Kroenke wants to sign Allegri, Enrique, Conte, Sarri, Ancelotti etc, I won’t complain as I wanted one of them 1.5 years ago

    1. Innit, I’m happy to give him more time as well but what I can’t stomach is what I see when I watch us play. If I from six hours flight away from London could see that something is wrong how can a man a yard from the pitch can not. I have said it before I don’t mind us losing if it is obvious that we give a fight and the other win because they better or lucky

    2. I think you will find Kroenke has nothing to do with day to day running of the club and trusts Raul and Venk to run the club.

  3. Why the hell would anyone want to watch any for of “extended” torture?! 🙁

    @John0711, anything Emery says pretty much means the opposite pal! If he says, we were good, you can guarantee we were p*ss poor..

    I was always willing to give Emery time, but the fact he never changes what is obviously broken (and has been for a while now) gives me the impression it never will change and Emery has NO idea how to fix it?!

    The biggest problem (we all know) is Xhaka. He should be the first fix but I feel Emery for some reason is just no interested!???

          1. Actually it said “action”… Well I’ve seen more “action” at an old age pensioners drawing class!!! 🙁

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