Video – Should Lacazette have got a penalty for this tussle with Martinez?

Arsenal lost for the second time in a week, but there have been murmurs on Twitter that Alexandre Lacazette should have been given a penalty when Emi Martinez pulled him over by his shirt making it impossible for him to play the ball in the centre of the penalty area.

Some disagree and say that Laca was already leaning into our old keeper, but it does look like Martinez clearly grabbed laca’s shirt with both hands to start of the tussle.

What do you think?


  1. And a red card ,last man in my book
    The Saka one not so clear cut ,but with his speed he would have gotten away from the last man .
    Watching Mike Deans and Lee masons performance last night I’ve got to say that we might the most incompetent(or cheating ) officials in world football .
    Also after watching the Southampton red card (the same 2 clown officials)decision get rescinded how on earth didnt Luizs .

  2. Games over, we harp on “what ifs” instead of focusing on controlling what we can control like our lack of focus and slow build up play

    1. I do think it’s important to highlight these referee mistakes (if we just ignore it, nothing will get better) while acknowledging that the team should have done more and there are areas for improvement

      1. Exactly right Davi, acceptance signifies compliance. The Club and Manager get severely sanctioned if they comment detrimentally on the poor state of officiating.
        It was a clear cut penalty and Lacazette is fouled in the box every second week; he has to be hit with a goal post to earn a penalty.

      2. Davi we highlighted the hell out of the Luiz penalty incident again and again and again.

        What you saying is correct in theory but…..

        Did it help at all with this incident? No

        1. Very defeatist attitude there – what’s the alternative? Just ignore it? If we ignore it, everyone else certainly will.
          You’re not going to see an improvement in referee standards from one game to the next.

  3. Decisions not going our way,lacassette didn’t lean,his shirt was clearly pulled by Martinez first.outcome ,red card for keeper and a penalty. Not this year Arsenal,officials don’t like us.

  4. Some of the English referees are clown, For instance, Saka’s foul would have been a red if it happened in the other way round. Lacazette wanted that issue to be resolved by VAR but referee assistant rebuffed it. I will continue to laugh at some officials performance due to mentality towards Arsenal.

    1. A slight push which wasn’t enough force to knock Martinez over does not erase the offence of pulling Laca away from the incoming ball (denying a clear goal scoring chance and not playing the ball) I’ve heard these words used recently 🤷‍♂️. Also not just pulling them away but to the floor.

      Seems like a penalty to me.

      1. It doesn’t erase it no but Laca pushed first….pull was worse nut doesn’t change the fact that it simply can’t be given to us if we commit the 1st offence, even if it’s a small one. Video is cut conveniently short.

        As you admit Laca pushed first, can you please explain how we could be given a penalty?

  5. Arsenals goals conceded is the
    second lowest in the league.
    The challenge lies at the other end of the field.n
    27 goals scored in 23 games. Barely a goal a game. This despite a much vaunted and mega expensive front 3 of Auba 60mill Laca 55mill and Pepe 70mill.
    If the attack can score 2 goals a game we win 10 and draw 5 of our last 15 league games and tally 66 points. Even so 7th might be still out of our reach. Westham Everton Chelsea and Aston villa are our direct rivals.
    Liverpool Man City Man Utd Everton and Spurs at home Westham Leicester Chelsea Palace Burnley away loom as huge tests. Sheffield and Fulham are fighting to stay up. 8th place again is our likely finishing position. So the EL now becomes our lifeline for Champions league. Thursday /Sunday will test our depth. Could be an intriguing last 99 days of the season. COYG😊

  6. That was a 50:50 ball but I’m sure if that was an arsenal keeper it would have definitely be a penalty. Premier league refrees are the worst in Europe they are so biased and incompetent.

  7. It’s not just the referees…it’s VAR. With David Luiz the VAR referee was John Moss. He took about ten seconds to make his judgement, which we now clearly know was mistaken. VAR referees can be got at. We know boxing has been controlled by crime. Do any of you believe this football system is free of crime? Are there referees you trust? Do you trust Mike Dean with his history…look it up. Do you trust John Moss? Do you believe John Moss should be protected for his incompetent decision, which has cost David Luiz a three match ban and Arsenal the three points they would have won.

    1. Agree with the comments on tne match
      officials. These guys shd have a maximum term of 5 years.
      I have always believed when Arsenal play the big teams especially MU they will be
      up against 13 players.
      It has been happening since Wenger became a threat to Mus dominance.
      Although Arsenal have failed to challenge I am satisfied MC have risen to the task and stopped the rd from winning the epl alternate years.

  8. Penalty all day long, but us moaning about it won’t change a thing. Anyway moving on, I’m about to watch AMN score against spurs, although Kane has made a miracle recovery so I’m not hopefully WBA will win.

    1. Maureen classic,he has lied for over 10 years regarding injury severity. Makes the opposition plan differently all week then all of a sudden….Kanes on the team sheet/starting

  9. we all know that the control room doesn’t favour our team.they doesn’t check properly when we are fouled

  10. It was a 100%”penalty. If it were a M U
    player the ref will immediately point to the spot in triumph.
    No ifs and buts.

  11. I don’t know if this was a penalty or not, but what I do know is that as long as the PGMOL and it’s so called “elite group” of referees ( a misnomer if ever I heard one) continues to be a secret organisation answerable to no one other than who they choose then the whole refereeing system is open to corrupt practice. That the referees sign NDAs in return for a reported £100 thousand on retirement stoping any of them speaking out (although Marc Halsey refused to sign and did make serious accusations) is also questionable.
    VAR needs to be monitored by panels of professionals who understand the game and it’s rules and who have no attachment to the on field officials or their masters.
    The problem is Riley. He needs to go.

    1. All laws should be overseen by a panel of ex players incorporating all positions from GK to strikers. They should all have retired without the last 10 years to keep the panel relevant.

      If they have a majority that a rule should change then it simply must be changed

    2. I would also add Jax ,how about we listen in on the conversations between ReFs and Var .
      It works in rugby where you can hear the Refs and they have a really good Understanding with the players and they actually respect them .
      Instead we have Refs like Mike Dean strutting around like he’s a movie star ,maybe more respect would be earned form the officials if we could understand their decisions .

  12. It’s clearly a penalty. I don’t know why it’s not given, but it does not remove the fact that Arsenal team is not complete yet to be competing for top honours.

    1. Laca leans right over Martinez and pushed him 1st….full clip conveniently not shown.

      Impossible for a penalty to be given if we committed 1st offence. Being objective is difficult as a fan but rightfully not given

  13. Pathetic the victim mentality all of our fans have! It’s embarrassing actually

    Laca clearly runs into Martinez 1st with a bit of a push long before the ball was anywhere near them. Learn to be objective FFS!

    If you act like a victim, you will be!

  14. Martinez has ahold of his shirt from the beginning. How can you tell if Laca moves to block or is pulled forwards?

  15. Laca makes it difficult on himself in those situations because he’s known to go down to the ground too easy and he’s always looking for cheap fouls even when he’s the aggressor…far too often he’s looking for the refs before he’s even hit the ground and generally officials are put-off by players who continually try to force their hand…obviously that doesn’t mean this shouldn’t have been looked at more closely by the match officials, but sometimes you reap what you sow

    1. This. He does this thing where he leans on everyone who touches him every time. Some refs wont put up with it.

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