Video – Simple question, when will Arsenal sack Unai Emery?

From almost every direction the question is simple, when will Arsenal sack Unai Emery?

This is the question being posed from Youtuber Curtis Shaw. It is a question being asked everywhere by Arsenal fans.

Curtis delves into who can replace Emery, what reasons the board may have in not sacking the Spaniard.

He also compares the actions of Tottenham and their ruthlessness with how feeble Arsenal have been to date.

I have to say that some of his conclusions are a bit depressing and I make him right for most of it.

As usual, it is a calm and composed video and worth a watch.

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  1. no they will not act until the end of the season, as long as he gets some points. If we totally blew it over the next 8 games and came away with only a handful, that might be the necessary dynamite needed to force a move.

    I don’t think they want to spend the cash on release clauses because they are not “certain” that a change will get them a return. Why spend money, get a new coach, if we don’t get a return?

    I am going to commence being much more “zen” during the games – focus on the pretty uniforms, how green the grass is, how much rain is falling, and the like. I will repeat my grade school gym class direction – it doesn’t matter if we win, but that we try our best.

    I will give full credit to fullbacks who can wave their arms and grab at anything that moves, to strikers who mellow out a bit and don’t always run, I will celebrate the occasional accurate leading pass (and overlook all the other ones that don’t work), I will look to see how creative the manager is being with his interesting lineups and substitutions, count the different hairstyles. I am going to be pretty busy 🙂

    1. We are 8 points off the relegation places so he needs to go now not after the next three games when we could be in the bottom three.

      1. Very good point, Declan, we are 8 points off a top 4 but also 8 points above bottom 3, the way we are going it won’t be long before the difference changes in favour of the bottom.

    2. I’m gonna do something the same, am gonna pick out Lacazette and see how many times he can pass the ball straight to the opposing team, over the next three games, my guess is 8 times. Just to see if I’m way off base from the top of my head ..if\when I throw something out there that I don’t usually keep an eye on.

      Am also gonna keep an eye on green is that grass, I like that idea, gotta love nature.

  2. arsenal under kronke is heading towards distraction,all they need is the money, they don’t care about winning nor do they care about the fans,it’s a shame Arsenal is now a small team to the likes of Spurs,I’m so gutted,I never liked Emery I saw his drama in PSG with their big players

  3. apparently half the board wants to fire this fraud however, APU and Barney and Lenny ( vanai, senhelli and edu) want to give the spanish omelette more time!

  4. I have a question. See the videos in these kind of articles, if we watch a video, does it give any rights to the uploader or channel concerning our personal info with our e-mail and all. Are we agreeing to something just by watching it, it might not bother others but I like to know if I’m agreeing to something with someone who I don’t know. I rather read than listen to people speak, and you an option to speed read. I listen to a lot of people, from time, and it can get a bit much, sometimes you need quiet and that’s when I read.

    Thanks all the same Admin, I like the site and we appreciate the extra effort you put in with the changes, site looks good.

  5. They will fire him by not renwing his contract next summer. They know we can’t finish top4, they hired him to win EL in first place.

    We should make it to 8th finals, maybe quarter if lucky. Either way, we be around March by then, Kroenke will wait 2 months to let him go, not pay for to do so…

    Emirates is full, money flowing, perfect for Kroenke!

  6. guys, he’ll go before the summer if results continue to go this way. There is no chance they can justify to the fans keeping him around while he drops points to relegation sides and gets a 1 win every month and a half. When will he get sacked? Unfortunately we have to continue to suffer and get even worse before a change is made. Whatever board members are keeping Emery in this job need to be let go as well because they clearly dont care about Arsenal and what is best for the club. You don’t need to know anything about football to see that Emery is out of his depth and incapable of managing this side. It’s over.

  7. Not about Emery who does what he can, but Kroenke who had fans kick Wenger!

    Wenger had stadium paid for with CL football every year by summer 2013. Money promised to hm then, but Kroenke is gonna ruin Suarez who wanted Arsenal!

    A year later, summer 2014, Wenger attracks Kante who wants Arsenal, once again Kroenke is not gonna have this deal closed 5M short, a cheap man!

    We paid for stadium, it was turning point there, Suarez then Kante! Two next seasons Chelsea was Champions!

    Of course, no one looks at this, Wenger had it planned all perfectly, set for a new era of Trophies in our new Stadium!

    They jerked him and these 2 teams went above us as City since. Reality, no one realises what we lost; he was our Sir Alex but Kroenke tricked fans to kick him out as a dog.

    It is shocking, no values at all nor respect for EPL and football! There is a way to do things! Kos was also treated same way, not given a proper new contract after serving and fighting for us like a lion; our captain!

    They ruined Arsenal image by kicking Wenger out and do it that way instead to honor him and make sure to have him at Emirates as they have Sir Alex!

    This is a complete destruction!

    1. Mogunna, with you 100%, the situation will get worse before it gets better, that’s for sure…unless the club acts immediately and sacks UE.

      UE is the biggest mistake we have made in decades, the man himself is probably one of the nicest guys in the world, but so far out of his depth with regards to the club, the players and the premier league, it’s hard not to blame him for all our ills.

      But remember, weren’t we told that the coach would only have a small part in recruiting players?
      The 17 signed to date, have not been the most inspirational, although he hasn’t helped himself of course, with his lack of tactics etc etc.

  8. With the dark nights drawing in it needs to be done quickly as his lust for blood gets more every night, soon it wont be safe to walk the streets of Islington at night without a crucifix, garlic and holy water.

    There is no quick fix whoever replaces The Count, it`s too far gone for CL. We need a replacement who should be given time to fix this mess and if we get a replacement who the fans immediately take to, then he needs to be given plenty of time by us.
    The remainder of this season and the next season at least, but only the right canidate will get this grace, so it needs to be a top football person who can speak the langauge to communicate with all.

    1. So, we’ll all have to impersonate Van Helsing 🤣 Love that imagination of yours, Le Coq! 👍
      Bloody hell, we said the same thing when he came in.. 18 months down the pan… 1 step forward, 20 back….back to the drawing board, hey?

      1. I`m ready for him, Sue, today down the gym I practiced self defence and had 6 gym members attack me with fake fangs !…………I tied up 2 with rosary beads, hypnotised one with the lords prayer and paralysed one with the sight of my six pack and put to sleep the other two with a video collection of Arsenal`s last 4 games !………..wake up Sue, I`m talking to you !…………….. 😆

          1. I dug up my dahlias for the winter so I have a bucket load of wooden states. Garlic is in good supply as well. I feel I am pretty safe though on the western side of the Atlantic!

  9. one of the problems associated with changing managers could be related to our relatively new and inexperienced management team not wanting to give up any powers they might currently hold…it’s highly unlikely that any manager worth his weight would come to this tire-fire production without assurances regarding player personnel decisions and a certain amount of financial backing…this could be a real stumbling block when it comes to pulling the trigger on the RIGHT candidate

  10. Kroenke will lose way more than a measly 15m pounds by carrying on with Unai than to sack him now. The cost of player unrest and subsequent movement, the potential sales of Auba and Laca, would do our club greater damage than simply paying Unai out.

  11. Anyone who can recognise the magnificent sacrifice Wenger gave to the club and the appalling way he was treated has earned my total respect 👊🏿

  12. The sad reality is that it doesn’t really matter when we sack Unai and who we bring in, until we address our defense.

    The most that we have spent on a defender was Mustafi and we all know how that turned out. A club like Arsenal with top 4 ambitions is still sitting with players like Holding and Mavropanos that cost about 3m.

    Liverpool had huge defensive issues, broke the transfer record for a defender and it had a significant impact on the side.

    I am not saying that we need to break transfer records, but we do need established players. Socratis, Luiz and Lichtsteiner came from Dortmund, Chelsea and Juve, we need to ask ourselves why those clubs would let those players go for free/chump change, and based on what I have seen, I can understand why.

    At Arsenal we don’t want to have to park the bus, therefore we need quality defenders that can hold their own. If we go the all out attack route without investing in defense, then we might as well just bring Wenger back.

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