Video – Sky pundits discuss whether Arsenal should sack Unai Emery

Sky Pundits Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher debate Unai Emery’s future at Arsenal.

It is one of the biggest topics in football right now and it was obvious that Sky Pundits Neville and Carragher would have their say.

Unusually, one of them actually has sympathy for Arsenal fans. Normally, they cannot wait to pile in and have a pop at the supporters.

They make some good points, especially Carragher, it is an interesting discussion that is for sure. There is some good analysis of what has happened to date and how Emery is managing the team.

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  1. Daulat says:

    This is what Emery has to say when asked about his future: “My future is today and tomorrow. My job is to prepare the match tomorrow, to look only at the match tomorrow.”

    What if he is being absolutely literal here? I hope so. I want to see a different Arsenal coming sunday.

  2. A J says:

    We must hire a WINNER not a yes man, we simply have to get it right this time.

    What follows could be (very) sour grapes from a (very) average at best player, but it rankles with me as having more than a ring of truth – and it’s been driving me nuts season upon season (I know “get a life” and all that) ;

    Former Arsenal defender Andre Santos says Gunners players didn’t show ambition during his time at the club, and used to “laugh on the bus” after they suffered defeats.

    “I couldn’t win the title but I was very happy at Arsenal. Living well, training, but at Arsenal I saw no ambition to win,”

    Rubbish ? I really worry not, and even more concerning – what has changed ?

    After all, this is not the first time many supporters heard this type of insight into our club over the past DECADE or so.

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