Video: Sky pundits laugh at Arsenal as Ozil stats emerge

Mesut Ozil has been frozen out by Arsenal during the last 12 months, and is linked with an exit this month.

The former World Cup winner with Germany has been known for his amazing creativity over the years, but despite him possessing something that the Gunners’ current squad lacks, he has found no chances to play in recent months.

Ozil has since been frozen out of the playing squad altogether following the decision to omit him from their Europa and Premier League quotas since October.

While his situation may or may not be down to football, you can’t help but squirm as the pundits at Sky laugh at our expense when his stats are shown.

Pictures courtesy of Sky Sports (via CaughtOffside).

Is there seriously no room in the squad for him?



  1. Tim says:

    I bet not many of them were created in his last 20 games

  2. Ad says:

    That season when arsenal were challenging for the title ,but sanchez got injured and that clown giroud deputised but embarked on a 13 game none scoring run. Leicester would win the title. Ozil was imperious even with sanchez injured but clearly a second rate striker couldn’t finish the chances made for him.

    The board at Arsenal never built the team around him and sanchez – it’s unsurprising that it has ended the way it has. A owner with zero ambition , a previous chairman wanting a manager out followed by a collective of idiots who only served for their own purposes

    Good luck to ozil

  3. Val says:

    It is such a shame the way it has gone for Ozil.
    I really wanted to see him play with TP behind him but it looks like that will never happen now.

    For me its money and that is the only reason he hasnt played since March.
    we all know or atleast should know how contracts work, he isnt collecting 350k per week, its probably 150k as everything else in that contract is made up of bonuses, assists, goals appearances etc etc.
    So dropping him from all squads is a massive financial win for Arsenal as they only have to pay him base salary while he isnt playing, which is probably the reason why he hasnt even played for the under 23’s.

    The club i have loved and respected my whole life has become a tad rotten at its core and that can only come from the owners and board.

    If Ozil has indeed agreed to go to Turkey, I wish him all the best and hope that he can do something with whats left of his career

  4. Davi says:

    Interesting comments. I hadn’t thought of that angle – maybe you’re right, it makes sense

  5. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    Don’t forget that the whole Ozil re-signing was part of a more elaborate “wag the dog” scheme created to deflect attention from the shambolic way this team mismanaged the Sanchez contract situation… just saying

  6. Stan Adams says:

    When Ozil and the deadwood are gone Arteta will rebuild the squad with more players like Partey and Gabriel.
    The new squad will be united behind the club and manager and it will a happy successful group.
    For the past few years the Afc squad has been devided between the loyal Afc men and Ozils gang of under achievers and complainers,when he goes people will see a big difference the Emerites will sigh with relief.

    1. Dunchirado says:

      Stan, well said…but watch your back, Ozil gang they are coming for you

  7. Kuki says:

    Good luck to him. All the best. Good stats or not, he’s a premadona and a rotten potatoe for my liking. Any player that is divisive is not good for any club. It’s a pity it took this long. Adios Amigos.

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