Video: Smith Rowe completes fine team move to put Arsenal further clear

Emile Smith Rowe has added his first goal of the season in only his second senior appearance, adding to his assist for Arsenal last week in his first.

The youngster agreed not to go out on loan again this season after impressing for Huddersfield earlier in 2020, but suffered an injury in pre-season which stunted his hopes of picking up minutes.

Emile has now added a second goal contribution on his second senior outing of the term, putting the final touch on a fine team move.

Does he look ready to make an impact in the Premier League?


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  1. What exactly Arteta plans for Sunday?

    Play Elneny? Not Niles who he kept on?

    Would he bring Luiz back again and William too?

    .Hopefully resting nelson to play him.

    If Luiz, Willlian are on pitch, we will be fired for Christmas which is harsh.

    He is a great guy but not ready for such a job without any coach experience.

    He should have done as everyone, coach a team in lower league..

    Now he can only go lower than Arsenal instead of climbing his way up.

    Unfortunately he may never then to a great coach because of his lack of smart ams creative.

    Not smart at all to make such a move.

    Not his fault, does with what he got and gives all his heart, not ready tho. Crazy club management & owner who tried to save a buck!.

    Spurs will beat us down, we go 16th spot and he will be replaced, harsh but he is simply not ready ans should have passes on job as Viera did.. Go gain experience in a midtable club or lower league, climb up!

    1. Do, if you are WRONG and we beat the Spuds, can we send your negativity to a lower club so you can learn how to be a proper supporter again?

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