Video: Straight red for Xhaka leaves Arsenal in panic-mode

Granit Xhaka has just got himself sent off for a high tackle, leaving Arsenal with 10-men against Liverpool at Anfield.

The Gunners had already been enduring a torrid time thus far, with the Reds passing and energy to pile the pressure on, but we now have to play over an hour of the game with a man less.

What is worse is that Xhaka was our only real experienced midfielder available in the squad, with Lokonga and Patino our only other options, and we will now have to rely on our defence to remain strong and keep us in this tie.

This game had already looked like it was going to be a tough watch, but I now fear this tie could be lost before we get to play a minute of action at the Emirates.


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  1. I am seriously tired of Xhaka and anyone defending him.. When Xhaka leaves hope he takes his fans with him!


    Anyone any idea how he has conned three of our managers across 6 lamentable years, when nearly all Gooners KNOW how hopeless and disastrous he is??
    To me it is one of lifes unfathomable mysteries!

    1. Not if xhaka had got back while he was controlling it and was able to actually tackle but thats asking to much of a player that is a donkey with a donkeys kick. The Liverpool player still had loads to do controlling a high ball over his shoulder. BUT thanks to donkey xhaka we will never know. Please dont defend him, he has form and Horrible History.

  3. Xhaka doing what xhaka does best, puts us in trouble but you can only blame the manager for not seeing he is one of our week links that needed shifting from the get go. But NO he makes him a captain.

  4. I’ve said it more than once. “Xhaka is not missed when he is not in this team. Let the kids make mistakes. But xhaka is too old to learn it seems. Xhaka out out out.

  5. Xhaka is a liability and we all know it. One good performance can’t paper over the cracks of 10 awful games. Sell him for a penny I would to Roma like tomorrow sharp.

          1. According to the DOGSO law, (denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity) he wasn’t the last man, as the goalkeeper is considered the last man.

            Now if the ref last night considered it a red card offence then he surely should have given a red card to Evans when he brought down PEA at Leicester the other year, but just gave him a yellow !

            It’s obvious to see that reputation played a part last night, much like Luiz sending off at Wolves last season !!

            1. A goal keeper is not classed as the last man, please know the rules before you try to quote facts that aren’t. The goalkeeper now can not be sent off for a foul when he is last man, in his penalty box.

  6. Xhaka dis xhaka dat it could be anybody….gabriel was the victim against man city….jota will score that goal….u think liverpool will hold back if they scored. Learn from the trashing.

    We move got a draw…..good result

    Next match please.

    1. so u think it was wise or best playing Liverpool with 10 at anfield? just imagine they had Salah n mane, trust me! the story would have been different… Xhaka has to go pls, he’s done more harm than any sort of good he’ll ever do in an arsenal shirt

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