VIDEO – Tactical analysis of Arsenal v Liverpool – How Arteta’s tactics outfoxed Klopp

Tactical Analysis: Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool | Arteta Tactics vs Klopp Tactics

I have found this interesting video from a very nice site I found on Youtube by FootballMadeSimple, which is perfect for us numpties that have no idea about the intricasies of football tactics.

We can educate ourselves quite a lot by watching these regularly so I may use this after every game. I may even end up sounding knowledgeable when talking about Arteta’s gameplan in the future.

Anyway, sit back and learn something about tactics!


  1. Pat, excellent analysis from the video, really interesting stuff.

    Just goes to show, as fans, we really only analyse the results and not the game plan – it also further strengthens the points I made about favourite players, round pegs for round holes.
    Auba would have bee much less effective than Lacs in the system MA employed, game plan A and B that relate to the opponents.

    Really enjoyed the breakdown.

    1. Lets get this straight, Klopp , was not “outfoxed” by Arteta tactically.We won the match due to the sheer complacency of two World Class players.As for tactical analysis,this is helpful in terms of team shape and in pressurising the opposition when for example their goalkeeper is in possession, but at the end of the day , tactics matter not a jot when a player like Mane takes on ,and dribbles past players.Managers cannot legislate for pace and skill thank God ,because that is what we want to see as fans.Tactics and stats are overhyped I’m afraid in the modern game .Football is still a simple game which has become overcomplicated needlessly.Basically, the team with the better players usually wins, but thankfully, not always.

  2. I agree that this is a great site – one of my favorites, I must add. In the last game against Tottenham, Arsenal won so many balls from the high press, but casually recycled them by passing backwards to our defenders. If we had capitalized on those opportunities, Arsenal would have scored at least three goals by half time. It was therefore heartening to Nelson’s goal – a direct result of winning the press then quickly transitioning into attack. This is exacting how great teams like Barcelona, RM and BM are taught to play – a good sign for the future.

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