Video – That man Aubz equalises for Arsenal again against the Canaries

The madness continues in the second half as Arsenal continue going all out to score, while Norwich are flinging themselves with gusto into every counter attack.

But it was only ten minutes into the second half before our captain Aubameyang manages to pull back another goal with the gunners after an excellent corner from Mesut Ozil caused disarray in the Norwich penalty area. Luckily after a few bounces it fell to our lethal striker who made no mistake and belted it into the net.

This first game with Freddie is definitely going remembered for a long time, no matter what the final score ends up.

Anyway enjoy this beaut from Auba…


  1. John0711 says:

    Sorry but this is dire

  2. jojo franks says:

    Sadly Arsenal have too many very poor players. Hopefully in the January transfer market we can get rid of dead wood sitting on oversized salaries and buy some decent players. We have owners who don’t give a monkeys and won’t invest. Freddie is not going to save us. Nobody is. How far do the mighty Arsenal have to fall?

  3. Viera Lyn says:

    For all of you wannabe managers who have been suggesting that we keep the overweight and out-of-shape Laca over Auba think to yourself just how horrible our record would be without Auba up front…Laca should be put on a strict regiment so he can get back in playing shape then simply played tucked in behind Auba so that he can maybe snag a few scrappy goals in our real striker’s wake…a truly gutless managerial debut…the only difference between this lineup and the one that Emery would have submitted was that Mustafi was playing instead of the Greek pylon…considering how fearful Freddie appears to be of the veteran players on this team I’m frankly surprised that Xhaka didn’t have the captain’s armband again…the sad part is Freddie “the player” would have been incredibly pissed if this lineup was selected considering the events of the week and our recent run of poor results…get a “real” manager ASAP!!!

  4. JJ Pawn says:

    Time to play post-Emery ball. Use the experienced players to attack and have good enough focus on defense.

    The connectivity between defense and attack is better in this game, but not good enough. Stop playing from the back so much–that is too much Emery ball.

    Luiz is better in the middle or use Xhaka. The front four are wasted without supply, so the six, seven, behind, including Leno, need to vary the supply, but a clean sheet focus first.


    ————–Laca————-[two winger to press, there are subs if they tire]
    —Auba——-Ozil——Pepe—[Ozil complete freedom to create/intercept]
    ——-Torreira—–Luiz——-[needs to harass the opposition attack better]
    Kolas—Chambo–Musta—Tierny [needs to stay in front of the opposition’s attack]
    ————–Leno————-[needs to organize the back-line vocally]

    We need to play to our strengths. The back line is a weak and needs to stop running back to defend all the time. Instead stay in front of the opposition at all times. That is the best way to get the best out of them.

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