Video: The Arsenal boss continues to defend Willian selection

Willian put in another below-par display yesterday, and the Arsenal boss failed to acknowledge the struggles of his summer signing.

The Gunners made the move to sign the forward from Chelsea on a free contract, but his performances in our famous red & white shirt have left a lot to be desired.

While the manager continues to select the 32 year-old for action, criticism is increasing, and frustration is only going to continue if the manager refuses to acknowledge or rectify things in the near future.

Does Arteta have to stand by his signing or could Willian actually be one of the stand-outs from the training field?


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  1. GunnerDev says:

    Was he MA signing or edu?

    1. Armoury says:

      Can Edu sign a player without the recommendation of the head coach? Why do you like shift the blame? Most of Arteta’s signings are below Arsenal standards. In June, we’ll be done with Ozil, then we’ll start worrying about Willian’s contract

      1. Joe Allysons says:

        Pablo Mari
        Gabriel Maghalaes
        Thomas Partey

        You just might be right Arteta has signed 5 players as Arsenal Manager and most of them are below average.

        1. GunnerDev says:

          You think those player you mention are no good?

          1. Joe Allysons says:

            Sarcasm @GunnerDev

      2. GunnerDev says:

        Read again. I simply asked a question. I never said MA wasnt at fault or that Edu was. That was quiet clear to those with the ability to read.
        Willian apart i think his signing have been good Partley, gabriel Mari are all good signings. Cedric is purley a cheap back up option.

  2. Sean M says:

    Of course he did. He’s hardly going to 💩 on his players in public. His opinions are reflected in his team selection. It is understandable why he was reluctant to oust the senior players in favour of youth, but he has done so and long may it (as well as our good form) continue.

    OT: Saliba MOTM in his second game. Hope Mikel’s watching!

  3. Sue says:

    OT.. Crawley Town 3 Leeds 0 😱

  4. RSH says:

    Arsenal were tricked yet again to giving a contract to a player that only cares about money. We just dont learn. Willian got his last vacation with us. I dont even know what to do with the guy. Play him when we are already leading and need to rest a player. He has little use beyond that and is fine with it.

  5. RFrancis says:

    We are now caught in a trap or cycle of poor decision-making. After investing 30M on Willian, we are now being forced into playing regularly in order to prove he was worth signing in the first place.

    I also hear Saliba won MOTD award in his second game on loan; Guendozi is now playing like a Messi and could soon be recalled.

    There’s no doubt young ESR’s addition to the team was been overwhelmingly positive. But wasn’t he supposed to go out on another loan?

    Lastly could we be over-looking another ESR in the academy who could be promoted to the first team and thereby avoid another major round of spending on sub-par players?

    Do we really know our young players?

  6. ken1945 says:

    RSH, I have noticed over time, how you and many others, have blamed AW for signing and giving players long term contracts.

    Now, three years on and counting, why do you think this is still happening?
    What has happened to his decision not to give players over 30 any more than a one year contract (aka Bergkamp)?
    Even gazidis, who negotiated, along with imput from AW and kronkie of course, has departed, so who has failed to learn the lessons and who has ignored one of the most sensible rules AW insisted on?
    We now have Aubaand Willian earning a reported £550,000 a week for the next three years – who is responsible for that?!?!

    1. RSH says:

      I agree Ken. It seems we are not learning from our mistakes. Chelsea were wise to let him go and clearly we need to take a note out of their book.

  7. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    Wenger’s “rule” had far more to do with pure economics than common sense, as the vast majority of great teams have players over the age of 30 and they certainly aren’t on 1-year deals…unfortunately players within that age range are oftentimes looking to either be rewarded for their services, if they have been on the team in question for a considerable period, or seeking their last substantial payday…I get the premise behind the supposed philosophy, but that cost us dearly on numerous occasions because Wenger still brought in several losers, on shorter term deals, who were over the age of 30…I think Wenger couldn’t handle the potential headaches that came with the modern superstar and he certainly didn’t want his power being usurped by top notch veteran players, who weren’t under his thumb

    the fact is all contracts should be determined on an individual basis, as the world of football has an abundance of world class players over that prescribed age…in fact, most of the best players in the world have signed contracts into their 30s…I certainly don’t need to provide a list of such players as we all know them by name

    in the case of Arsenal, the Auba deal is far less problematic than the WIllian one…Auba is a proven World Class talent, our only one at the present time, who has scored consistently until Arteta’s negative tactics were employed…he likewise plays in a position where most teams allocate a considerable proportion of their wage bill to, so it makes far more sense than the Willian contract

    the Willian deal made no sense for a variety of reasons, but not specifically because of his age…he was paid like a starter, yet hadn’t been a regular starter for a considerable period of time, which suggests some seriously poor decision-making on the part of our manager…he likewise played havoc with our salary structure since we already had a considerable amount of money being allocated towards the same position

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