Video: The Arsenal boss hints that AMN isn’t showing enough to warrant minutes

Ainsley Maitland-Niles was left out of the playing squad last night, despite remaining fit, and Arteta claims he needs to fight for his place at Arsenal.

The versatile defender played regularly last season, including playing a key role in our trophy-winning FA Cup run, but has found minutes hard to come by of late.

AMN has less than 500 league minutes this term according to Soccerway, and I do wonder if a move could be open for him in January.

Could Arteta consider an exit for AMN this month, despite Kolasinac’s departure?


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  1. Typical Arteta, not at all surprised because he still have a grudge against Maitland-Niles, Gouendouzi, Martinelli, and Seliba. Regardless of how they perform in the field of play, it’ll never be good enough for Arteta

    1. I am with you on this. The lad has never been given a fair crack of the whip. Reeks of poor man management. He cannot be worse than the likes of Willock, Nketiah etc. , can he?

    2. Armoury, I presume you regard youeself as anintelligent fan? If that is so, do you think any intelligent fan could believe that our manager actually “holds a grudge” against any player? The manager is paid to ensure team success and this intelligent fan , me, believes that he does exactly what he thinks best will help the team and that he is far too intelligent and too mature, unlike certain others, to ever “hold a grudge”.

  2. It’s starting to appear that way. Despite Saliba’s performances, he isn’t deemed good enough. Guendouzi putting in solid performances, but never got the “second chance” Arteta went on about.

    Meanwhile, Mustafi stays as cover for injuries despite his high salary, when Saliba could accomplish the same, while gaining valuable experience with the first team.

    Let’s see how he handles the Soares situation after his stellar performance. Will he get the chance to build on his performance, or will Bellerin come straight back into the starting 11?

    1. I like your objectivity Durand. Willian plays week in week out with horrible performances but he’s still in the team.

      1. Thanks Phenom, I am just trying to pose the question based on criteria that Arteta has mentioned numerous times. I like MA, think he’s doing OK so far. He’s fixed the defending it appears, we are more organized, and he wants the club to reach it’s former highs.

        It’s just puzzling regarding his decision making, and how some players get chances while others seem frozen out. Despite a woeful midfield, AMN doesn’t get a chance despite playing fairly well there previously.

        Willian has been trash, yet again gets a chance, while Nelson can’t even get on for a 10 minute Cameo.

  3. It’s clear MA doesn’t rate him but what happened when he dominated Mo Salah. He was benched in the next match so why is MA talking about chances?

  4. “Jack of all trades – master of none” springs to mind. Not his fault but “utility” players often suffer from being unable to nail down a position.
    Despite that AMN is another Hale End graduate who has been too inconstent to merit regular games. He is awesomely talented both technically and physically but that may have actually detracted from his contributions. It has been said that he finds the game too easy at times, loses concentration and switches off. I can’t see that changing I think its in his DNA’
    Whilst we all want our youth to come through, theres a huge gap between youth and EPL success. In most clubs youre lucky if one player in a peer group succeeds in the senior squad. We are blessed to have two in Saka and ESR. But this does not mean that all of our youth team will succeed. We Arsenal fans have nightmares due to “the ones who got away” and are now expecting the club to retain players into their early or mid twenties because they have “potential”. Let’s get real – we need to remove the dead wood and stop deluding ourselves that AMN, Nelson, Willock and Nketiah, all of whom have had numerous chances, will ever attain EPL quality.

  5. The time has come for AMN to move on to a Club where he will not be used on the left side of the park. His best position is a matter for debate but it is most assuredly not a makeshift left back or LWB.As to likely suitors, I suspect Wolves ,Leeds or Villa may be interested in him as his pace and energy may fit their all action style of play. Rightly or wrongly, Arteta clearly does not rate him and a transfer is therefore in the best interests of all concerned.

  6. There you go, called it upon M A arriving.

    Remove all the sentiment surrounding this player – gone in the summer.

    But some remain in denial over a very average player.

    100% knew the likes of Ozil & AMN would not meet Mikels “Non-negotiable” criteria.

  7. In my view AMN does belong in the wings rather than the middle (be it LB, RB, LWB or RWB).

    All the coaches have used him there. They can’t all be wrong.

    With the new formation of 4231, it is only LB or RB.

    We do not have a backup LB to KT. So I hope he stays.

  8. First of all I think the lad could turn into a fine midfielder but I don’t think it will be with us,
    Why not swap him and Nelson +20 million for Zaha.
    Also swap nekitha and Willock +10 million for the Norwich attacking midfielder..

      1. So you have never heard about swapping players, do you not remember we swapped Sanchez for mikhi,
        So you don’t think Zaha is not a very dangerous win ger who loves arsenal since he was a boy would not be a good signing,
        Saka. Buendia saha

        Pepe. ESR. Martinelle

        1. Its not FIFA, its not like a video game and Zaha is good but not that good. He isnt ruthless or anything better than we have. He is a 30 mil player and palace value him nearly three times that, not worth it.

  9. I usually concur with your views JW, but on this occasion I do not as I am not overly impressed by Saha nor Buendia.The former is highly temperamental and erratic and while the latter is a decent ,tricky wide player, he is not worth 40m nor anything near it.The fact that he is 26 and has never gained one full international cap is significant to me.In any event, in Saka,ESR and Martnelli we have real talents who will blossom in the years ahead and we do not require any more wingers.

    1. Buendia is 24 but don’t think it changes your point
      Just think the ship has sailed on Zaha, it’s getting to the point where he’s too expensive for the number of years he has left.

  10. Poor teams with few talented players can make an average player look better than he is – that applies to both Buendia and Zaha. Palace have basically built their whole team around supplying Zaha and the guy is so erratic, and way overpriced. I was overjoyed ehen we bought Pepe because it meant we wouldnt take Zaha – little did I know Pepe was even worse. I wouldn’t take that sulky prima donna for free. There is a 20% chance that Pepe can improve. 0% that Zaha who is older will develop, and we end up with another non-playing geriatric on a huge wage and long contract. So what if he’s an Arsenal fan, so am I – it won’t make me a better player. I think you get the message that I don’t like him!

  11. AMN has shown how hard it is for the homegrowns to make it at the club. Never really seen as first team by last 3 managers. Helped Arteta win his first trophies but is considered dispensible. Yes his level varies but his determination and commitment doesn’t. Did Bellerin or Tierney get dropped when their level dropped, do you remember home games against Villa, Wolves and Burnley? What does Williian have to do to be excluded and he is not match fit. Give him a break! He was poor against Palace but had he played a blinder do you think he’d keep his place against Newcastle? He is unique in our squad and never gets a chance in the middle.

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