Video: The Arsenal Transfer Show – Alfie and Rob ask “Who is Lisandro Martinez?”

On today’s Transfer Show, Alfie and Rob discuss the potential signing of Lisandro Martinez from Ajax. Reputable sources have reported that Arsenal are heavily interested in the Argentinean and are willing to pay upwards of £35 million for him. How would he fit in at Arsenal and what would he offer Mikel Arteta?
The ball progression attribute could be very useful for our use in the build-up, as well as his press resistance. Does this mean anything for the Rob Holding or William Saliba?
Would he be a good signing for the Gunners?
Listen to what the boys have to say and make up your own mind…

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  1. Why does Arsenal buy high and sell low?
    I am so sick of clubs who make massive profits off of selling to us.
    Ajax buy Martinez for 7m we have to pay 30mill
    Lets swap Mari for Martinez take it or leave it.
    Vieira was free from the Porto academy now Porto want us to pay 30/40m for him.
    Lets swap Nelson for Vieira take it or leave it.
    Man City want us to pay 50m for Jesus
    Lets swap Pepe for Jesus take it or leave it.
    The thing is we have Saka free ESR free Nketiah free Niles Nelson free. Martinelli 7m Guendouzie 8mill. Marquinos 6m. We shoud have a transfer budget of 20mill max every season. We have a slew of young academy talent. Lets develop them and then sell them for 75mill to Ajax and Porto.

  2. Nothing against videpos ingeneral but they do take up a lot of time compared to reading even a long article Ther is always a lot of waffle sn fnot constructive minures of idle chit chat in vidos , ; no t surprising because videos are about people and peope are noit ,in gebnerwl concise in tht spoken word In print I fuind it far easier to make whateve rpont i wish to make and to do ist and to read other posts SPEEDILY.
    HORSES FOR COURSE I ACCEPT, BUT PERSONALLY I find longish videos a real turn off.
    But that is not to disparage those who enjoy or make them. Just not really for me, TBH!

    I have a busy day always and my limited time on here is valuable to me !

      1. This one was over sixteen mins and much of it was waffle, having now sat through it all. But I will not bother doing so next time. Thats my point!

    1. It appears you just don’t like the concept of videos. Personally been really enjoying the insights in these videos and it’s a NICE change from words, but that’s just me. Each to their own.

      You don’t like watching the videos because they’re time consuming, but then you take more time to write a long negative comment about them. Bit strange.

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