Video: The famous Bergkamp turn-and-shoot wondergoal

Dennis Bergkamp scored such a wonderful and outstanding goal back in 2002 that it still gets shown on highlight reels of today, and Ian Wright is still being asked about the famous goal to this day.

The former English international and former all-time Arsenal goalscorer (eventually overtaken by Thierry Henry), insists that his former team-mate Bergkamp meant the wondergoal, and the more I watch it, the less argument that can be made against it.

‘The thing with that about people saying about [if he] meant it,’ Wright told the BBC.

‘I spoke to him not so long ago and he was explaining the goal and he said the ball from Robert Pires was actually behind him, so he had to go and wait for it.

‘So when he went back for it, the touch went where it went and he just improvised. Just said, “well why go that way? I’m not going to get around Dabizas, just turn that way”.

‘I think what people should really appreciate is the quickness of thought to realise, ‘oh, that’s happened’ then bam, bam, bam. And then it was the calmness of the finish that showed the real class.

‘And that’s what it comes down to, whether he meant it… of course he meant it. He done it.’

I struggle to find any argument against whether Bergkamp meant the flick and the turn, as everything in the move just appears to fluid and instinctive.

Do any Arsenal fans doubt that Bergkamp envisaged his touch any different to how it panned out?


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