Video – The Just Arsenal Show 3: Dan Smith talks about Arteta and the fickle fans of Banter FC

Here is the latest edition of the Just Arsenal Show featuring our very own SuperGooner Dan Smith.

Dan loves to speak his mind and wants to discuss how some Arsenal fans have convinced themselves that Arsenal are progressing well this season under Mikel Arteta, which to him is completely contrary to the evidence in front of our eyes.

Listen to the video, and if you like his knowledge and his reasonable arguments, then please subscribe to @JustArsenalVids on Youtube…


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  1. Think your some what pessimistic Dan .
    My read on Arsenal this season is while building a new squad top 7th is expected.
    After going 0-3 and being 20th just 6 games later we are 7th equal one point off 6th and also one point off 5th. Beat Leicester we become serious top 6 contenders. A real tough game.
    Leicester maybe just.

      1. In the last 24 games of last season we were 2nd. That 24 game run was not cause for optimism according to you and others but apparently a 9 game run playing City, Chelsea and Spurs leaving us 3 points of 4th is and is terrible and unacceptable. Laughable double standards.

        We won today we move above Leicester, Brighton are already 2 down v Liverpool so we move above them, we are guaranteed to move above one of Spurs/United both if they draw and Everton have to win away to Wolves to stay above us on GD 🙂 So much for 10th eh. Almost like fixture difficulty matters when assessing early season form.

        Banging on about 10th when the gap to 4th was 3 points and 5th just 1 point was utterly absurd. It’s pedantic nonsense because your so emotionally attached to Arteta being poor.

  2. Hi Dan…

    Credit to you for stepping into the firing line to air your views, particularly in our presently vicious world of social media! It truly requires courage and conviction, and you have displayed alot of these! A good job well done! Greater wishes to you!

    Whenever it comes to defending once opinion, I believe it is never a question of who is right or wrong. Instead, I think we should aim to share our views intelligently towards converging to some point of mutual agreement.

    Since no one knows the future, thus, we only aim as human beings to predict the future based on past records and information. If past records comprise more of failures than successes, then we all assume that future events will be more negative than positives, and so we conclude that such reasoning follows logic or facts. But that’s not totally correct, particularly because we are not machine learning algorithms, instead, we are humans.

    Consequently, I think as humans we evaluate the inputs, rather than the outputs. Analysing the league table is good, but it only suffices as focusing on the outputs alone. If we do this only, then we are not exercising our intelligence as humans, but instead becoming simple machine learning algorithms, which we are not once again!

    So let’s try to analyse what makes a team perform well and maybe we may predict the future even better. Let’s focus on things like are the players improving, are they better committed, are they understanding the basics of game better, is the coach adapting based on occurrences and events, are the players happy, are they willing to play for the coach? These and many other questions should be the focus of our discussion, and maybe our YouTube videos will gather more followership and there will be better understanding amongst our community of Arsenal fans.

    Once again, I really appreciate your views, and those of the brilliant minds up here! Kudos!

    Stay Safe!


  3. If lovely and super intelligent people such as FIRE , ran the whole world what a beautiful place it could always be.

    While accepting a grreat deal of his post and firmly agreeing with it, I think when asking for “mutual agreement”, it is a vain hope among football fans. As a realist, I andall we have little choice other than to live in the world as it is today , despite all our shared hopes for a more peaceful and loving future.

    Oh and A PLANET THAT WE WILL NOT HELP TO DESTROY US ALL , as we are doing more and more each passing year!

    Consequently, and moving back to ” mere and relatively unimportant football” and to our club, I see little chance of a real let up in the general negativity on here – as practised so expertly by DAN in this doom laden video and his many posts – though a number of Gooners, myself included , do NOT share it and remain optimistic for our club.

    We also realise , through our generally longer life experience, as we are mostly older fans, that anything worthwhile takes time and needs patience.

    Though patience, among younger people in general in this “I demand all I want and I demand it now” generation , is not something that comes easily to many fans, esp to younger ones, speaking generally.

    1. Jon…


      If nothing, you have got a soul somewhere in some corner of the globe laughing heartily! And thanks for the tonic!

      You remain one of the strongest characters on JA and though many may express themselves against your views, nevertheless, I believe your absence will be definitely noticed!

      Jon, I do understand your viewpoint, but we cannot relent from educating others (young and old alike) about the need to embrace “mutual” understanding. Although I agree with you that the reality speaks otherwise, nevertheless, we remain steadfast to proper principles and way of thinking and interaction. Since “change” is the most constant factor in life, we believe it will one day evolve, albeit slowly, to a more “peaceful and loving” future.

      Always a pleasure catching up with you Jon!

      Stay Safe!


      1. Don’t forget in the 9 game run Brentford , Palace and Brighton
        Great win today but boasting that we are outside the top 4 is absurd
        I’m not emotionally detached towards Arteta
        I like the bloke
        I just think two 8th place finishes is nothing to boast about
        Hey ….we finish top 4 I’ll say I’m wrong

        1. Dan..

          Totally agree with you! I guess your point is that we should not settle for mediocrity as a fan base, which I totally agree! However, I guess going forward, we need to separate “not settling for mediocrity” from being “negative”…. That should be a discussion worth considering.


    2. Yeah won’t find positively from me about arsenal regressing
      I agree lol
      I do remember being positive when we were in top 4 and certain peeps complained and wanted Wenger out

  4. I am a fickle fan…..Solksjaer at United..lampard at Chelsea..Arteta at Arsenal…I wanted Arteta to do well…..Chelsea fired lampard and they improved…..I gave Arteta his chance..2 8th place and I want a better manager..if Arteta can improve and grows with experience and this is his 3rd season and can bring European football back to Arsenal this season then well done……I also know Arteta is going nowhere and neither is Xhaka so while they are at Arsenal I will always support the team..the players..the manager……..!

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