Video – The Just Arsenal Show discusses Arsenal fans shameful reaction to Liverpool’s Covid outbreak

This week’s Just Arsenal Show features our very own Dan Smith, who goes into detail of Arsenal fans’ reactions to Liverpool postponing our League Cup semifinal due to an outbreak of Covid in their squad.

Liverpool were basically accused of cheating Arsenal out of an easy win and were saying that they should have been forced to play their kids to save the postponement.

Dan then compares that with the reaction after Wolves called off our League game, but nobody complained about that one did they?

Enjoy the video and leave your comments below…..

Just Arsenal Show – Dan Smith on the reaction to Covid outbreak at Liverpool

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  1. Respect to you lad. You are a proper person and a proper fan.

    As a sidenote, happy to see Arsenal developing so well with such a young team. Credit to Arteta who seems to have re-discovered the best philosophy of Arsene Wenger.


    1. 🙄
      Yes drew there is no covbid ,try telling that to 170000 family’s in this country alone.

      I did not realise there was so many weirdos on this planet but since covid hit they’ve come out there caves wave after wave .
      Time to get back in you’re s drew .

  2. I felt the game should have been played due to mounting pressure on fixtures and not because of a perceived advantage. I am sure this will arise throughout the remaining months of the season to most clubs.
    I genuinely don’t understand the rationale of how matches are postponed when ManC with 21 staff and players isolating fulfilled their FA cup tie last night. Is it a case that they thought they could easily beat Swindon without resorting to a postponement with the players they had?
    Is it a case that with Covid and injuries combined that a club can apply for a revised date? I don’t know the answer to that one.
    I would have preferred the match against Wolves had been played. Players’ and staff well-being is of course absolutely paramount but unless a club genuinely cannot field a team due to illness or injury then games should go ahead. A huge backlog later in the season is just as likely to result in players getting injured anyway as games are rammed into the calendar
    None of this is ideal and this season will be tainted like last year.

    1. Check out 2 things.

      (1) City’s starting lineup last night

      (2) Football Association rules on postponement of FA Cup games.

  3. @drew. I don’t think I understood what you just wrote concerning the covid-19 virus and
    its related vaccinations. Are you one of those people living in denial of covid and the effectiveness of the vaccines? Please keep your negative propaganda off this site. I don’t think admin should allow such non-football misleading comments on this site.

  4. games should be played as long as you have enough players to make a match day squad.

    Only then should it be postponed, but the authorities seem to be bending the rules based on the club.

    How many absentees are needed to validly postpone a game? I think there needs to be clarity.

    1. The authorities are not bending the rules based on the club. The authorities review each case on its own merit. When Leeds asked for the Liverpool v Leeds game to be postponed they had Covid case PLUS loads of injuries. In combination, they did not have enough squad players to play the game. We Liverpool fans did not blame Leeds or the authorities. We simply accepted the fact and moved on.
      These are the times we live in.

  5. The brainless comment by Drew perfectly illustrates the problem our world has by containing so many brainless types. It even includes otherwise respected sportspeople such as No Vacc Djokovic.

    Being a deep thinker on lifes matters, I ask myself WHY do such people exist. It is that they are born stupid? Unlikely, I think.

    Have they become stupid somewhere along the way in their life? That seems the most probable explanation but it still begs the questions of how, why, where and when, in each particular case.


    But far more importantly are the key questions of what SHOULD and what CAN the overwhelming majority of sensible people who can see the clear benefits of being vacced and boosted, do to prevent the no vaccers inflicting physical harm on we normal folk by their wilful refusal to aid all society and get jabbed.

    It goes against the grain of most free minded and liberally inclined folk to FORCE the anti vaccers to become vacced by law and/or by physical force. That position is MY PERSONAL view, at the moment.

    BUT , what if this pandemic(God forbid) becomes so overwhelmingly dangerous, say if a new more deadly variant than Omicron emerges that puts us all in a life or death situation?
    What do we do then? Do we have to swallow our liberal principles and then legally and physically force the Djokovics of our world to cease their madness and selfishness? Or do we go on – even in a life or death scenario – allowing such foolish folk to FURTHER inflict their damage on the rest of us?

    This is a multi layered problem, as I have only TOUCHED upon in this post. I see no magic bullet that would force all the fools to stop their nonsense and become sensible, certainly not quickly and almost certainly not at all , as in NEVER!
    It is of course rather easy to see and outline possible scenarios but NOT to solve them! The hopeful good news is that we are told by scientists that Covid is likely to further weaken, NOT become more deadly, as each new variant emerges, probably sparing our race that nightmare choice of forcing, or not, all anti vaccers to get vacced.

    But even scientists cannot promise or guarantee such an outcome.

    So my friends we have a serious moral and an even more serious practical dliemma to face, that is UNLESS the present consensus of scientific evidence becomes the world wide case , we have an even more serious problem to possibly face. Please God that we do not have to face it.

    As for Djokovic, I pray hope and believe he will be kicked out of Australia on Monday coming, as an example to all the other fools who refuse to see reason.

    JA regulars will recall we had a prominent anti vaccer called Third Man JW on this site though he seems to have disappeared in recent times. Perhaps he is a victim of the very virus he did not believe vaccines helped alleviate ! Wouldn’t that be ironic!!

    1. It is a difficult position for decision makers to be in, and what to base their decisions on.

      My answer to your comments would be to trust and follow science.

      Presently vaccines and boosters can save lives, science has proven that. Also, each variant weakens, science has proven that.

      Based on this evidence no FORCE by government should be used towards those not yet vaccinated.

      I am concerned about the likely civil unrest if government did Force vaccinations. Here in the States that would not go over well at all.

      Trusting in the science is the way to go, and presently each variant weakens, so I don’t think force or further mandates are necessary.

      1. DURAND, I much agree that in the USA , PARTICULARLY, it would reignite the Trumpite morons to civil unrest. That is, in part, one reason why I avoid that God forsaken country like the plague.

        There are many millions of good USA citizens . But, tragically for your country and the world, there are an almost equal amount of red neck morons and ignoramusses, most of whom are completely in love with themselves and their own immoral life style and beliefs! And most of that lot are in love with guns. Ugh!

        It is that approx 40% of the people that makes your country so awful, despite its beauty of landscape!

      1. Pat , presumably you refer to you banning TMJW? Is that correct? I do hope so, as he was another daft anti vaccine twit! All wise people need to deny such morons publicity, for the worlds sake!

        1. Jon, it’s not my job to tell people what to believe, but he ignored my pleas asking him to stick to football instead of annoying me and other readers with his preaching.

          Anyone ignoring my rules will get banned as most readers understand…

    2. Taking the vaccine has been a matter of choice and no one should be forced. I recall Xhaka refusing it and catching COVID.

      If you read all the propaganda and “facts” about the pandemic from both sides you will be a little confused.

      Before you decide to call me uneducated and stupid, I studied Biochemistry and I do understand how a virus and vaccines work. And since I was not there when the vaccines were manufactured so wew can’t be sure.

      To deny the existence of Covid is stupid but calling Djokovic stupid because he refused to take the vaccine is a little bit unnecessary. We all have our fears. If Australia decide to kick him out, fine, life goes on.

      1. Kobin, A good try to defend the indefensible but sorry it just won’t wash!
        I repeat and STRESS that anyone who refuses the vaccine is stupid and also SELFISH beyond words. To say you were not there when th vaccines were manufactured,so cant be sure is beyond silly and plainly ridiculous.

        Were you there when man landed on the Moon and do you therefore not believe that happened! Grow up young man!

  6. Can’t play a game on Thursday night due to the 1st team squad, the U23 squad and the U18 squad being struck down with covid, but can play on Sunday. LFC should get in touch with the WHO and tell them about this amazing recovery.

  7. Liverpool only had 3 first team players out with covid plus 2 coach and some young players. The reason they have little players available is because of CAN 4 players and injuries 4. So they are basically getting a free pass because of FA Favouritism, why didn’t Leeds get the same treatment they faced us with a decimated squad.

      1. Just check the epl injury table or any site which gives info on injuries, Liverpool have 11 players out 3 covid, 4 injuries, 4 Can

  8. Hi I watch every game and Klopp is another fergi where he has the authorities in his pockect because of where Liverpool are his games are on TV most weeks and so he gets on his soap box and feeds the media
    With exactly what he needs to get over, I would like to know had it been the other way round would he sent a gesture to Mijel to cancel the game and the fa would have made us play lMikel didn’t go to the fa and ask for the game to be playd becausewe know by the decisions that went against us on Sunday is watwould have been said Klopp has now taken over from fergi he gas jumped on the band wagon, It was Klopp who came out when fe
    Fergi retired and said we might get the refs giving the right decisions and fa hklopp needs to go back and remember he was saying that fergi was a cheat well Klopp you are just as bad

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