Video The Just Arsenal Show – Discussing which Arsenal players should go on loan next season

The Just Arsenal Show – Arsenal players that should go on loan next season
Alfie and Rob are back with the Just Arsenal show and today they discuss four players who may well be sent on loan this summer.
Sambi Lokonga is currently operating in an area that is becoming increasingly crowded. Would a loan be beneficial to his development? Does Nuno need a loan to iron out his rawness? What about Folarin Balogun? Are there minutes for our young striker? Does Brooke Norton-Cuffy have a chance of breaking into the side or should he go out on loan again?
Enjoy the video.


  1. What about A M N ? Torreira? Nelson ?

    Nobody seems to be queuing-up to pay serious money for them but they probably aren’t in the manager’s plans.

    The knock on downside of big wages – we price them out of transfers. and transfer fees.

    Tavares and Lokongo – we need them for Europa, League Cup and our 5 subs.

    1. Who do you suggest to replace him? And as only Conte, Klopp, Pep and Tuchel finished above him last year, I you thinking of one of them?

      1. Are you saying those are only the 4 managers who are better than him in the league.
        Klopp finished 8th when he was appointed, all those 7 Managers were better than him who finished above him??
        We finished 8th 2 seasons ago, are you saying all the top 7 Managers were better than Arteta??
        Because as far as am concerned, a season is not enough to judge a manager to know who’s better.
        Ole finished ahead of klopp 2 seasons ago, it doesn’t makes him better than klopp.
        Arteta is among the few manager who have won a trophy at the time of appointment in half season.
        Klopp, Wenger, pep, Alex Ferguson, mournho, tuchel and Many top managers never did it that does it means that Arteta is better or greater than them??

        1. We won’t know until Arteta has been managing as long as the others before we know if he’s quality or not. Considering he’s a 2.5 year “rookie” we may compare in the future eh?

          Don’t predict failure coz that is just personal pessimism

          1. But according to your statement, you already concluded only 4 managers are better than him.
            So hence my question in the first place.
            What makes you think someone wouldn’t have best that record he has in that 2.5 years apart from those 4.
            I mean lampard got chealse to fa cup final+ Ucl position while having to deal with 2 years ban.
            Rodgers won the fa cup with leceister with a less quality team and low budget. And finished in top 5 two of the last 3 seasons.

        2. It means that Arteta has just started anyway turn out better than all them.
          We can only wait and see, but if you are wishing him fail then you need to think about that.

          1. What makes you think I am thinking of failure or how does my statement point to failure.

            Perhaps being realistic, is not pessimistic.

            He can turn out , is different from he has turn out.
            He hasn’t done anything compare to those names above, while we can’t say he got the potential to reach their level.

            Yeah he might have a potential of being a good manager, but he hasn’t done anything to far to be named among those name above.

  2. Admin Pat, we can enquire with Zidane. Joachim Low, Rudi Garcia, Laurent Blanc. Definitely they can do a much better job than the current regime.

      1. Admin—are you actually stating, on the record, that you believe that Arteta is the 4th best manager in the PL because he finished 4th? LOL

  3. Haha admin acting like there is only 3 managers better than arteta let me remind u of the coaches he lost to twice last season VIERA?

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