Video – The Just Arsenal Show starring Dan Smith discussing Vieira, Palace and life as Arsenal fan

So, we have a new presenter on the Just Arsenal Show, as our very own Dan Smith is the newest man to present the show.

Dan is already very popular as one of our most prolific writers, and we are hoping that you enjoy his first appearance.

With the return of Patrick Vieira and the pressure on Mikel Arteta, Dan has a lot of things to discuss, and he hopefully he will be doing a weekly show discussing the latest news and dramas that seem to be the lot of Arsenal fans everywhere.

Please feel free to let me and Dan know in the comments if you have any suggestions or ideas (or complaints!) that you think we should know about, so we can take them into consideration for the next edition.

Also, if there are any other Just Arsenal readers that think they could do something on our YouTube site @JustArsenalVids, please send me an email to discuss. And you can follow @justarsenalvids on Twitter as well!

Enjoy the Just Arsenal Show with Dan Smith….

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  1. Well done Dan. I enjoyed it very much. Good to place a voice to the writer. Any constructive chat in regards to Arsenal and you will win me as a listener. I often tune in to Charles Watts and Highbury Squad. Sometimes I’ll watch AFTV when I feel in the mood for a bit of comedy. My advice to you Dan,, don’t go down that road. Can be toxic at times. Anyway well done to you. You know,, if Arsenal can get a consistent run going on,, 4th spot is very much vacant. I’ve been thinking that for a few weeks. I really feel Manchester United are not top 4 material. They got carved up by Leicester City. Their defence is vulnerable and suspect at the best. Anyway mate, well done with your first. Next time do it so we can see you. Cheers

  2. Enjoyed the segment, looking forward to it going forward. Totally agree Vis a vis England and the nonsense that gets spouted. Totally disagree that there is a gap to the top 4 this year. Have you watched United this year? They are clearly an attainable target to beat. Liverpool 1st team are miles clear but only ever 2 injuries away from a crisis salah/mane, vvd/Allison/aat and fabinho/thiago. Chelsea/city/Liverpool’s 1st team is a gap admittedly. 4th is there for the taking and I think there is good chance we will will occupy that spot by the time we play United (who just lost one of their easier games between now and then.) The worst of the team’s we dropped points to this year after 7 games was Brentford who started the weekend 7th not far off 1st. 3 of those 4 dropped points were away. Think people are underestimating how rosy things will be looking when we visit Anfield after an easier run of fixtures 4/5 at home.

  3. Well done Dan, I echo the views above, regarding your input.

    Angus, what I want to see is consistency and when I leave the game, knowing we have played to a plan and to each player’s ability.

    Now, if that does happen in the next 4/5 “easier fixtures” then you are correct, I will have underestimated MA….. and I will be a very happy Gooner.

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