Video -The Last Time Arsenal played Chelsea on Boxing Day (2010)

Arsenal face Chelsea on Boxing Day with the Gunners on their worst run of form in living memory, but it was a completely different story ten years ago when we welcomed the Blues to the Emirates and trounced them 3-1.

Alex Song opened the scoring and Cesc Fabregas and Theo Walcott put the game to bed just after the half-time break to send Chelsea down to 4th in the EPL table, while Arsenal ended up just two points behind Man United at the summit.

What a difference a decade makes!

But we can enjoy old victories against our local rivals, and hope that this Boxing Day ends up as another happy one for Gooners. We could do with a bit of Xmas cheers….


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  1. So many near misses for us! Wonder what would Wenger’s trophy count be if we never had shifted to the Emirates and still were in Highbury? My educated guess is 5 PLs😁😁, One CL (at least), and around three more FA cups. The only subjected constraint is that Stan tried to finance Arsenal a little more in the early years and David Dein was still in the club.

  2. Brings a tear to my eye, should of done better with that team,
    We had a soul then, an identity (left over from our best teams previously) but we never had the tall strong, athletic dm,s to let the technical players do there job.
    Unfortunately kronkea is a business man, and leadership and direction of the club starts from the top, until that changes we can blame the managers the players and us fans for our lack lustre ways of playing football. You don’t need the best players
    But fighters all over the pitch who care about loosing….

  3. I loved that era, enjoyed watching the beautiful football with Arsenal back then. We did not win jack but I always enjoyed the way we played.

    We always were missing out due to the amount of injuries to key players and the lack of investment in the team.

    I remember that recurring sentence from everyone in the EPL, “Arsenal need a dominant CB, a Keeper and DM then we would be real title contenders”.

    But as always wenger would come up with his famou catchphrases “We will only sign zoz playerz zat can improve us. And we still have za likes ov Diaby, Ramsey, RVP, Rosicky, Vamaelen, etc to come back”..

    Was always confident that we would make Top 4 each season during those times.

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