Video – The usual suspects give Chelsea a penalty against Arsenal – 1-0

Well okay Chelsea were certainly on top but Arsenal were dealing with it very well and withstanding the pressure, although the Blues came very very close with early headers.

But after 25 minutes Mustafi tried just a simple backpass to Leno in the Arsenal goal, but it was much too soft and Tammy Abraham ran past him and just had to go round the keeper to score.

It looked a certain goal but then David Luiz jumped in and took Abraham down and this was the result…

Admittedly it was a very good penalty from Jorginho to beat Leno.

Here it is…..


  1. Steve Antiedu says:

    Mustafi hmmm

  2. Leka says:

    They have been playing 10 men for while anyways, and now down to 9 men. Ozil is slaughtering Arsenal. If Arteta wants to be a great manager, he should learn to ruthless.

  3. Neath Gunner says:

    Shocking but what do we expect.

    1. Leka says:

      Have you ever considered why the central defenders made two bad decisions? If the midfield fail to contain the game, it is obvious the defenders get under a lot of pressure which leads to mistakes. 0 attempt on goal the whole first half, who is to blame here? The midfield is garbage.

  4. Jørgen Kirkhorn Handeland says:

    I’m seriously starting to believe Mustafi is sabotaging our games. How can one man earn this much money and play this bad?

    1. Neath Gunner says:

      Luiz now a 3 game ban.
      We desperately need to sign a centre back.
      Mustafi must never play again.
      Pay him off if necessary.

    2. Steve says:

      Boateng in on a loan and let’s put a stop to this ridiculous defending!!!9

  5. GunneRay says:

    And that post the other day about giving Mustaffi a chance!?

    How many chances does he need?

    The guy is a liability and then the other liability (Luis) gives a penalty away!

  6. GunnerSince2004 says:

    I thought double jeopardy rules (double punishment) was removed in football refereeing. Like you cant give away a penalty and get a red card. You only get punished for one. So if the fowl happened outside the penalty area and Luiz was the last man then yes it’s a red card. But in the penalty area it’s only a penalty and yellow card? 🤔

    1. Sue says:

      But it’s Arsenal though…..

    2. Mike says:

      Does the refs have something against Arsenal, i get the penalty but the red card really

  7. Omeiza says:

    He don’t deserve red, we can still good result. Let’s go!

  8. Liam says:

    Let’s not blame the referee that’s just papering over the cracks. None of the mature players out there are good enough for arsenal. We have Abameyang and Martinilli who are class that’s it.

  9. gizzle says:

    3 players brought down Wenger, emery and now arteta. The sooner they get rid of ozil, mustafi and xhaka. Add Luiz to that list. The better for us

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