Video – Three potential candidates to replace Unai Emery

It really cannot be long before Arsenal find someone to replace Unai Emery but who?

Naturally, the Youtubers have not been kind to Unai Emery today and wading through the vitriol has be time-consuming.

However, Lee Gunner has put up a thoughtful video minus all the ranting and raving and come up with three contenders to replace the Spaniard.

I will not give their names here and spoil it for you. Have a listen and draw your own conclusions.

Remember to let us know in the comments section whether you agree with Lee or not. I know it will be hard but try not to just say Emery out.

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  1. Arsenal should move heaven and earth to get Simeone at the end of the season.

    He is the best option to get us playing like men again, and will sort out our main problem of defending, which has dogged us for over a decade now. Won’t be as exciting as an attacking coach, but I am sick to death of watching Sunday league defending. We’ll never solve our problems if keep focusing on attack. Over £150 million spent in a short space of time on attackers (Auba, Laca, Pepe) and look where it has got us.

    1. Third Man , Spot on and the trouble with so many younger fans is that they have never seen a real top quality Arsenal defender in the flesh. The true art of defence has largely vanished from our horizons at Arsenal. The last and only REAL TOP QUALITY CB that Wenger ever signed was Sol CAMPBELL. CALAMITY CLICHY was an accident always waiting to happen and I jumped for joy when he went to City. Merts was far too slow to have a hope of being top class in the 100mph Prem, despite doing better in Germany. Wengers only ever bought top class full back was LAUREN, who was a convert from midfield. He inherited the many proper defenders George Graham left him and had the sense to leave things unchanged. Those who hype mid range defenders like Gallas, Koscielny(no better than decent) and Sagna as top class, cannot possible have seen the likes of Adams, Bould, Winterburn, Dixon and even Cashley Hole REGULARLY. Keown was only a whisker behind thenm in quality and his attitude was stupendous. A real man who all forwards feared facing. Cashley, though a thoroughly unpleasant man, was our first and only top class full back of the modern era, who was ALSO a wing back supreme. BELLERIN, BY COMPARISON IS A DEFENSIVE NOVICE AND MERE SPEED DOES NOT BEGIN TO MAKE UP FOR TOTAL LACK OF DEFENSIVE NOUS AND ABILITY. Going back further though, Kenny Sanson was also a true great defensive full back who was also a wing back,even though wing backs were not spoken of then. He was our greatest ever full back in my 61 years of watching But there has been a half generation culture, ie about 11 years, at Arsenal of substandard , now becoming calamitous, non defenders posing as defenders. To be a PROPER defender, you need concentration, courage, strength , balance, obvious ability and “they shall not pass” attitudes. Not one current defender at the club has even TWO of those vital attributes. Not one! Not one out of Sokratis, Luiz and Mustafi have ANY of these. We need a sea change in recognition of the vital importance of proper defenders and we need to have it NOW. To even begin this mighty task, we need Emery out the door TODAY!

      1. I do not include Tierney in my defensive comments as he has barely started in our shirt. Though I am hopeful that in HIM we MAY well have a proper defender at long last.

      2. For Someone to fix arsenal defence he might have to go back to his old style of play… that is counter attacking and trying to score from set pieces…in other words boring football…

        1. @Francis spot on mates, just packing bus doesn’t mean playing like men and personally on me I can’t bear it

      3. Wouldn’t disagree with a single word Jon except to add to your list of proper defenders, i.e. David O’Leary?

        1. Agreed Andrew but he was not really relevant to the point I was trying to make. The very young O’LEARY, before that injury, after which he never QUITE reached his former great heights, was possibly, even probably, the single best centre half in Europe. Still one of our all time great centre halves(they were not then called centre backs) though.

    2. Arsenal don’t like actual winners. And he’d be too mean to these soft players, who think they are on vacation. Tired of seeing their smiles in training as they run around like lost children for 90 minutes every week

  2. We need a defensively minded coach, who can get our core strong. A good DM, Good CBs, and we really need a good RB too.

    And it’s only logical, good attack is built upon a good core. In MMA, to get to the peak speed and explosiveness, Core and hip stability is the first thing an athlete trains and becomes good at. Without a solid stable core, no mobility, speed, or athleticism. Period. That applies to football as well.

    Simeone would be good, but I don’t think we can get him. He would be the best of the lot so far though.

    1. why dont we bring in Tony Adams and or Martin Keown as defensive coaches they were no nonsense defenders and would sort this lot out !!!

      1. Spot on, Simeone is the right man but unfortunately he’d ruffle the board aswell as the players and they won’t want that.

    2. Stoke city with a good defence,good midfield and good attack,having a system that gets of the best out of ur players is key, u might have those materials without a good coach and a good system it won’t work,we don’t have terrible players buh a terrible coach who has absolutely nothing to offer

  3. Lee Gunner’s options are not ideal, besides Freddie.
    The only reasonable coach at the moment is Pochetino to be honest.

    Premier League experience,
    Would give us an identity,
    Can work with a transfer structure at Arsenal,
    Can strengthen our defense,
    Can play youth team players,
    And he can revive and build up certain players.

    1. Agree Pochetino. Those who are against his appointment are saying he hasn’t won anything, When Are Wenger came to Arsenal nobody had ever heard of him, he’d never won anything. What did Klopp win before joining Liverpool??

      1. then there was no social media to exchange information mate.Wenger was a winner with Monaco and in Japan He was a man with an identity.Can you get over it? Hiring a reject of Spurs of all the persons? Then we should have gone for Jose. Emery is sufficient, just our players are too timid, fun loving, over age, unmotivated men seeking to get the coach sacked.Squad revamp is a must over the next two windows. You get Diego, these Muppets will do the same to him after 6 months trust me.

      2. What did klopp before joining Liverpool? Arsene Wenger has never won anything before coming to arsenal? Do u really live in this planet earth?

        1. Get your facts right. Wenger won trophies with Monaco including Ligue 1. Klopp won the Bundesliga TWICE plus other trophies. Give me strength.

  4. I watched the whole video
    The first few minutes talked about players and final minutes talked about 3 manager

    My thoughts

    First choice. Little experience but would do until the end of the season NOT permanent

    2nd Choice: I would say YES. Definitely an improvement over Emery. Hasn’t won European hardware but still Yes. FIRST CHOICE for me

    3Rd Choice YES! Won a few trophies a league trophy and 2 Europa League trophies

    So my my choice is his 2nd choice. He’s also available

  5. We need a manager that can get the defense to actually defend, understands balance in the setup, and a style of play or structure within which the players play.

    Regardless of who Klopp or Pep start, they know what is expected; link up, responsibilities, pressing, and being direct in attack.

    Emery chops and changes week to week based on his guesswork of what opponents “might” do. Midfielders have wingers one week, then ARE the width and wingers the next week.

    The most damning is his desire to reinvent the identity of the club. Gone is the flowing, attacking football full of slick passing and one touch football.

    Now the plodding, slow buildup play that bores everyone except opponents who see it as gleefully predictable.

    I’m surprised Edu does nothing as Emery erodes our identity. Wasn’t Edu hired to ensure our identity survived?

    Raul is a money man, egotistical, and has nothing “Arsenal” about him. His slick transfers seem to be his trademark, comfortably numb to the erosion of our identity and DNA.

    I was criticized for questioning Edu, but with each failure of Emery, at what point does Edu share the blame and responsibility?

  6. I agree with TMJW about Simeone. Arsenal must go ALL OUT for him. Make him one of the highest paid coaches in the game and support him with funds. Too bad Kroenke doesn’t care about football and this is a fantasy!! Realistically, we will probably end up with Freddie until end of season, and Arteta as the new manager. Arsenal should consider Brendan Rodgers, but this is another manager who needs to feel supported by the heierarchy or the whole thing will blow up. Arsenal’s main problems remain behind the scenes. Wenger sacking, was just the first element to taking back our club. The end goal remains Kroenke’s needing to be OUT

  7. Thinking about the managers out there I have a few who could do something special. Eddie Howe has done a superb job on a small budget and knows the premier league, Nuno esperito is a manager under the radar but has done again very well at wolves and has great footballing connections given the signings he has made at wolves, Both those managers also play good football. I think an inexperienced manager or one from abroad who doesn’t know the league may back fire on us. We need an instant boost with a simple plan and use the players we have at their strengths. As a left field suggestion what about Steven gerrard?

  8. First thing we need to consider is a coach that will fit in perfectly into Our club. We need 70% of the fans to be positive about the next coach of Arsenal. We need a coach who can speak English and understand the pace of the premier league. We also need a coach who can play total football – attack and defend with good football. I’ve two choices at the moment. Arteta and Erik Tan Hag.

  9. Uchman, Admin Martin is correct; I will come back at you for your lack of knowledge of those pre Wenger proper defenders I listed , most of whom he inherited. The fact that you fail to mention those former greats tells me that you never actually saw them and you are clearly far too young so cannot possible be in a position to judge . Your inability to write any but bad English also shows me you are young and so have not seen the older true greats in the flesh. That is obvious! That you actually consider a defence of Clichy, Merts , Kos and Merts to be top class is an hilarious, though sadly misjudged comparison and shows how little you actually know about REAL QUALITY defenders. It is clear you have NEVER seen a real top class Arsenal defender live and if you had, you would know the difference between mistake ridden, slow and overrated middlers on the one hand and top class players on the other hand. But you DO NOT!!! To put the merely decent Kolo Toure in that “top ” category is a sick joke of a judgement. ! Simply put, you are a greenhorn who knows very little indeed.

    1. I removed his comment Jon, I just could not let it stand because of the vitriol. He is welcome to continue debating but I will not allow it to happen again without consequences.

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