Video: Throwback to the last time Arsenal dumped Villarreal out of Europe

The last time that Arsenal came up against Villarreal in Europe was back in 2009, and we came out on top.

It was the quarter-final of the Champions League, and we went into the match as favourites, and rightly so. We went to Spain and earned a 1-1 draw, but there was only one side in it back at the Emirates.

We of course take on the same opponents tomorrow night, when we will again start the tie off in Spain, and I wouldn’t be complaining if we was to come home with another 1-1 scoreline to bring back for the home leg.


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  1. We all hope for a win in this tie, this is a last chance to go towards the last chance to salvage our horrible season.

  2. Take a look at the strength of that Arsenal team with Van Persie and Adebayor leading the line, Fabrigas and Nasri in midfield. What would be the predicted score if this team played the current Arsenal team? 4-1 would be a good result for the 2020/21 side IMO.

  3. Two nil down in half an hour. Wait for the deluge of MA out posts from hasty unreasonable fans.

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