Video: Tim Cahill infuriates Roy Keane with Arsenal praise

Former Premier League star Tim Cahill has caused a stir after Arsenal’s win over Manchester United this evening, and Roy Keane has reacted badly.

The Australian pundit was full of praise for Mikel Arteta and the belief that he has brought into the side, but Keane refused to listen to reason amidst his anger.

Cahill claimed that the manager knows why they have lost games recently, but Keane refuses to acknowledge Cahill’s valid points.

Regardless of Keane’s reaction, Arsenal were very much the better today, and the manager definitely does deserve the praise for that, and Man United, they were dismal.

Was Cahill on the money?


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  1. Roy Keane is a pleb, always has been and always will be.

    I lost all respect for that man in the Manchester Derby with his ”tackle” on Haarland.

    1. Val, how right you are about this man.
      He was a thug on the pitch and a thug off it.
      He is such a boring pundit, acting as if everything has gone downhill since he stopped playing.
      The picture in my mind of Alan Shearer staring him down, when he got sent off against Newcastle is such a great example of a man standing up to a bully.

  2. Roy Keane doesn’t like to lose
    He didn’t as a player and he couldn’t take the fact that Cahill was right on the night. Tee hee

  3. Love Roy Keane, hates losing, hates Arsenal, hates utd not playing with passion, in fact hates everything and everyone. Legend! 👹

    1. Sounds too close to Trump for my liking Sorry Reggie but I have always seen Keane as a bully. Even now he is a pundit he remains unreasonable and unopen to persuasion. HATING LOSING IS FINE BUT IF YOU HATE EVERYTHING, YOU ARE A HUMAN WITH MASSIVE PROBLEMS, I’D SAY!

  4. He can’t bully anyone on front of International tv,but to accept that ManU are no-longer good enough to scare even average Fulham FC.

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