Video – Tottenham release video admitting new signing is an Arsenal fan

Our rivals Tottenham Hotspur have been chasing Matt Doherty from Wolves for quite a while now, and there have been very many posts showing Doherty’s old Tweets that made it clear he is a HUGE Arsenal fan.

Everyone was well aware of that and there has been much banter on many football websites, and now that Spurs have officially signed the Irishman they have released a video showing Doherty trying to delete his old Twitter posts!

Watch it here…

I guess Tottenham knew they couldn’t hide the fact of Doherty’s allegiance, but it seems a bit weird making it clear to everyone in the world as soon as he’s signed!


  1. I remember a few fans on here saying we should have got Jose as our manager.
    I won’t name names but I’m sure they remember who they are 😂

  2. Isn’t the whole truth that clubs are full of players who support or did at one time(and some who STILL DO) support their DEADLIEST rivals. Merson always supported Chelsea and still does, even though he SAYS he supports Arsenal. Many Gooners who read or listen to his quotes are not so easily fooled as he hopes. This situation is not uncommon and not even newsworthy, IMO.

  3. Can’t help but think if wolves wanted mainland niles and this kid supports arsenal, why not do deal. Would have been great business when Chilwell just went for £50m.
    Also it can’t feel good to have an arsenal fan playing for your main rivals, especially with what he’s capable of.
    The video just told the world the kid has just changed allegiance from arsenal to spurs. Bold

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