Video – Tottenham will finish above Arsenal if they land Mourinho

Rant from an Arsenal Youtuber opining that Tottenham will finish above Arsenal this season with Mourinho in charge.

The video from Lee Gunner goes much further, he also claims that Tottenham will challenge for the title next season if they hire Jose Mourinho.

His anger is about Mourinho and that Tottenham may beat Arsenal to him. He is royally peed off that Arsenal still has Unai Emery in place.

He also cannot understand Arsenal fans wanting someone like Pochettino instead of the Portuguese maestro.

It really is a rant and to a large extent, I agree with him 100%.

I have already done my own rant about Arsenal fans wanting Pochettino and Lee echoes a lot of what I have already written.

It is a long video but well worth a watch with loads of debating points made.


  1. Kedar says:

    Quite Possible…
    Tottenham has much better squad than Arsenal…
    The only reason for Poor form Pochettino was stagnation….
    He did what could have done best for Tottenham….
    But Mourinho is better than Pochettino….
    And another thing is this Tottenham squad doesn’t have big ego like Mourinho so he will be in complete charge of the club and Dressing room…
    Unlike Chelsea and Man Utd where he had to deal with players like Hazard and Pogba…..
    Tottenham doesn’t as big as these 2 players so whole squad will be in his pocket…. And in that situation Tottenham will perform better than Arsenal who has lost its Passion….
    Little investment in January and Summer 2020 can lead Tottenham to fight for title….
    Mourinho can work in limited and gain success which he has showed when he won the CL in 2003 with Porto and subsequently few years later with Inter
    Sacking of Pochettino is warning sign for Arsenal….
    They must act now to save season..

    1. Adejumo says:

      You mentioned players like pogba and hazard, harry Kane in spurs team. He can also mismanage him too. So i don’t agree with you.

  2. Reggie says:

    Spuds are welcome to the dinosaur, i think the fans will love his anti football and his distain for all thing at his club, except himself. The last person on earth i would expect spuds to choose as the perfect fit would be moron. RIP spuds.

  3. AussieGooner says:

    I’ll be very happy if Maurinho goes to Spuds.

    Jose’s business model is to sign a 3 or 4 year contract and work for 18 months.

    One good season and one very bad season and get sacked.

    His model is work for 1 year and get paid for 3.

    Everywhere he goes the club is set back years upon his departure.

    I’m happy that he’s going to Spuds and not Arsenal.

    Now we just need a new manager at Arsenal and good times will return.

    Even the tea lady will be an improvement on Emery…….

  4. Matty says:

    By the end of this season Spurs will finish in the champion league places, possibly we a trophy although most likely not, Arsenal will be looking for a manager who will face the problem of trying to hold on Auba and perhaps Lacazette. Spurs have done something that we have failed to do which Boris Johnson calls Dither and Delay..

    You may hate Mourinho because of his arrogance and playing style but when his side beat us and finish higher he won’t be our problem, it’ll be spuds taking the piss out of us as experts in failure….(I’ll screenshot it and repost in May 2020)..

  5. Johnmike says:

    I will be very happy if he goes to the Spuds, i can’t have Mou at Arsenal.

  6. Abi says:

    Yay, Spuds took the bullet. I am relieved that Mourinho is no longer in contention should Emery be fired.
    Congratulations to the SPUDS!

  7. Reggie says:

    Spuds and Moron must be the worst matched pairing in history. Im sorry, i didn’t see his philosophy at utd being for them and i definitely dont see it at spuds. The last manager i would say is a perfect fit for them is Moron, come on get a grip, the bloke will break them, they are heading for a massive disaster.

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