Video – Unai Emery is not a bad manager claims ESPN pundit

Not everyone believes that Unai Emery is a poor manager.

That is the beauty of football. No matter the situation there is always alternatives opinion.

Craig Burley speaking on ESPN is of the opinion that the Spaniard is not a bad manager. However, some of his decisions are making him look bad.

The general consensus in the video is that Emery will be given more time to turn things around.

It has to be said that is a depressing thought but it does seem that is the boards stance right now.

It is not a long video but there is some food for thought that is for sure.

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  1. Sean Williams says:

    Craig Burley who does not watch Arsenal play every match has no right to any input. He know sweet FA about this club…..but the supporters do. Burley can something ‘off’.

  2. Le Coq Monster says:

    I agree !, he`s not a bad manager, he`s a f##ki#g useless manager !

    1. SAGooner says:


  3. GunneRay says:

    I see the AFG have written to the club stating that the club is “rudderless”!

    Let’s hope Emery has the next ticket for another rudderless ship soon!. He is that bad. In fact, he’s worse that bad. He couldn’t manage a piss up at a brewery!!

  4. Gunner22 says:

    Emery has four sets of players at his current disposal –
    aging/ slow or unsuitable for the rigors of the EPL – Socrates, Luiz, Xhaka, Ozil, Torrera young/inexperienced – Willock, Saka, Nelson,
    average squad players – Chambers, AMN, Mavro (do not know where he is or what is he doing)Kolasinac, Bellerin,Holding, Cabellos, Mustafi
    able and raring to go – Guendozi, PEA, Lacazette,
    Tierney and Gabriel are new to the league and need to be introduced carefully. Pepe is heading to be a big money flop.
    Flog a dead horse as much as you may want to, you cannot achieve anything with 3-4 players.
    You may hire Klopp or Pep, nothing will change until you invest in young athletic, able bodied players, i.e. revamp the quad, which will not happen immediately as the fans wish.
    Emery is the right man with the right vision for the modern game. The immediate future of football is the high intensity pressing game with swift counter attacks, and our squad cannot cope up.Going back to tikki-takka is not going to work out either.
    Emery needs help with getting our players out of their comfort zone, do not tarnish his image just because this squad cannot achieve his goals.Even relegation battling teams work intensity is higher than ours, we just need to check the stats.

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Alright Emery Junior,tell your dad we’ve heard you clearly but we still want him to go mansga another club

    2. GunneRay says:

      BS dude, Emery needs help getting himself out of the club!

      Most of our squad are good enough. The squad are simply badly managed and have no confidence in the man who is thier leader, Emery. The squad are at an all time low because Emery is out of his depth and the players know it. He sets them up to fail every game, tactically and mentally!

      I do eccept that maybe 4 players should not even make the bench and we all know who they are!

      1. Gunner22 says:

        Sorry pal, I did read somewhere that Jose turned down the Arsenal job because of the hierarchy and could not guarantee results with these players.No one seems interested in the Arsenal job right now. The truth hurts, Wenger could not deliver UCL, neither can Emery with these players. These players are paid mega bucks, cannot they group themselves on the pitch and pass the ball onto each other? What can Emery do if time and again Luiz/Socrates/Chambers keep making mistakes. Who does he play? Mustafi?injured Mavro? semi fit Holding? or should he take to pitch himself? Tierney has an operation, just got back to full fitness.His back up is bang average. RB was always an open door with Bellerin and AMN. Torrera cannot last 90+ minutes, Xhaka is average, Willock cannot be regular, we are left with Guendozi alone. Ozil / Cabellos are one game wonders,Pepe is following Gervinho’s footsteps (Emery at fault for this signing). The future is bleak for Emery or any other coach. 18 months back the future looked bleak with Wenger. Until our squad is not replaced, the future will continue to look bleak.

    3. uzkido says:

      gunner22 were you paid to defend Emery? if yes hope you were paid handsomely.

    4. Mike says:

      i don’t agree with your comment, as a coach you first look at the players you have available then work out a game plan that they can cope with, no use wanting to play the high pressing game but your players cant cope or adapt to your style simple really

  5. gerry burke says:

    craig who !!!!????.

  6. Daulat says:

    Let me provide you a picture of how Emery’s personal bias towards Ozil has hurt our matches.

    These are the formations Emery used in the last 5 games:

    1. Liverpool Away: 4-2-3-1, Played proper wingers with Ozil. Ozil was really good that game but was subbed at 60. Then we never saw that setup!

    2. Wolves at Home: 4-3-1-2: Ozil played, but NO wingers!

    3. Vitoria Away: 3-4-3. Played proper wingers but NO Ozil!

    4. Leicester Away: 3-4-1-2: Played Ozil, but NO wingers now!

    5. Southampton Home: 3-5-2, Played Ozil no wingers again. Hmm, seems like a pattern!

    Now let’s see the 3 EPL matches before that Liverpool away game:

    1. Against Sheffield United: 4-2-3-1. No Ozil, Ceballos played with proper wingers. 2-1 loss

    2. Crystal Palace: 4-2-3-1. No Ozil, Ceballos played again, with proper wingers. 2-2

    3. Manchester United: 4-2-3-1. No Ozil, Ceballos again, with wingers. 1-1

    Well, it seems Emery decided not to play with proper wingers and just dropped Pepe for no apparent reasons, and has since also stopped playing Martinelli and Saka too when he started playing Ozil. That’s really interesting. Very interesting.

    I think Emery’s regards his ego bigger than the club and it’s success. But he’s still here so maybe Arsenal board actually believe in him, or even support his decisions of casting out of the high earners and possibly get rid of them eventually, and make do with the youngsters and mediocre ones.

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