Video – Unai Emery tries to explain away that utter dross against Southampton

Unai Emery fails to adequately explain what went wrong today.

I am not sure what game Emery was watching, it certainly was not the game I watched. He praised the player’s attitude and reckoned Arsenal could have won the game.

I suppose he has to say things like that but come on, it was utter dross and he knows it was. He would have been far better served if he just apologised, said it was terrible and he is determined to turn it around.

It is no longer his fault anyway, this is now on the board. The fans are probably hoarse from calling for the Spaniard to go. I really do think they will now turn their ire on the head honchos.

This video comes courtesy of Sky Sports. I would say enjoy but I just can not bring my self to utter those words right now.

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  1. Reggie says:

    Its obviously his way as it was wengers, to paint a prettier picture but maybe the truth about their performance also needs to be said. If the players think they aren’t doing anything wrong, they will just keep on doing nothing wrong.

  2. GunneRay says:

    More drivel of ground hog day!..

  3. Sue says:

    The only thing I want to hear from him is Adios gooners!

  4. Le Coq Monster says:

    Good ebening ! 😆

  5. Andrew Elder says:

    This lot, including the manager, defies the definition of the word ‘team’ which is:

    “The willingness of a group of people to WORK together to achieve a common aim”.

    They and the board should be sued for fraud.

  6. Mabo says:

    I have been to my most usual sites and I do not see breaking news. It means UE is still Arsenal manager. I really wish he gets the sack since he will not resign.

    I do not see a point in commenting on our football or perfomances as it were, because lately that is non-existent.

    It has been well over a year since I last commented on any of my fav blogs. Off which there are only two when you factor in JustArsenal. I could not bring myself down to commenting as really we have been poor. Even now am not really saying much am I? But I hope we get change soon very soon

  7. Roshan says:

    If the owners are concerned about paying Unai emery out and bringing someone in, why not just let Freddie take over for the rest of the year. That will cost them no more.

    The problem with Emery is he is stopping our attacking flair.
    Your telling me with players like Auba, Laca, Pepe, Ozil we should not be scoring 2-3 goals a game and having more shots on goal than our opposition.

    Let Freddie take over and tell the players to play on instinct. We will start winning.

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