Video: Under-pressure Arteta backs himself to turn fortunes around

Arsenal’s loss last night means that the club needs a minor miracle to qualify for European competition next season, and the manager Mikel Arteta rightly appears to be feeling the pressure.

After the gut-wrenching 0-0 draw which saw us exit the Europa League at the semi-final stage, Arteta spoke to reporters, and insisted that he believes he is still the man to get the club back where they want to be.

You wouldn’t blame the hierarchy if finishing without European football was the final straw after a topsy-turvy campaign, and I don’t think I need to ask what the fans believe should be done where his job is concerned.

Do we believe the Kroenkes will already be readying there moves for a new manager or could they still drag their feet on that all-important decision?


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  1. If Arteta is still the manager next season it will show the mentality of our club and it will prove that we deserve to be a midtable club!

    1. i think the ownership has shown their true colors ages ago. I dont really require anymore proof to understand their mentality.

  2. The thing about arteta is that he talks a good game but doesn’t deliver on the pitch, the football is boring, no real identity tactically inept no intensity and urgency in the play the first half was like a training session, he seems to ruin good players aubameyang, partey and he’ll do it to saka and Smith Rowe.

  3. Can’t blame Arteta for being an assistant with no whatsoever experience as a first coach, to be as mediocre.

    He doesnt take more than half of a season to see he hasno potential to become a coach because of his lack of brain.

    How can you possibly have a top world striker, regular golden boot contender for a decade; burry him all year long on LW.

    Play likes of Lewondovski, Suarez as LW and they wont score all year.

    It is simply unreal stuff.

    The world saw impact of Martinelli, but we have Odengaar and Rowe, instead of one, and we actually switch Saka & Pepe from their favored position

    No wonder Saka’s centers and drive on his wing was not same, nor Pepe is as effective on LW. Saka can not become Pepe, but play his game.


    Can’t blame him for not having a brain, but for his lack of humility to go and experimented at a smaller level as Lampard or Gerrard, legends for their club.

    Lampard helped Chelsea out, got them qualified and left with CL ongoing for them… He will coach elsewhere, gain experience and his spot is there.

    Arteta needs to be in Championship and show what he got.

    Look what Bielsa done and doing!

    Unless Kroenke board and Arteta all out, we must sign Bielsa and he will take this very good squad and Arsenal where we belong…

    Tuchel in Chelsea has demonstrate what an experimented talented coach can bring into a same squad.

    We had a DM issue, solved it. Bring Koulibaly in and call it a day. Bielsa is eyeing for a top holland young player attacking midfield; bring him in…

    Auba extended as he saw Partey, Gabriel were additions allowing us to fight for title, he said it. He just did realize or guessed Arteta would burry him as LW!

    1. Agreed about bielsa…he can took the best from our youngsters AND our very good squad. Bielsa and arteta as number 2 would be awesome, but arteta would like to continue as manager probably…we should start something like that on the first place, like we were late to get Klopp un Wenger time, and to take tuchel or nagelsmann nowdays

  4. Arteta is the cause of our downfall .his stupid management or lack of management.he has to go if the owners have any hope for the future,bring back wenger

  5. Arteta is the problem, period! Will he turn things around by playing 5 attackers and leaving the midfield empty. This is football of the Old Stone Age. It’s simply crazy.
    I think Bielsa is actually better

  6. Arteta seems to believe he can be resurrected after his awful negligent management, to save Arsenal. He is the new Special One. Reminds me of what I have heard in lock up wards. Very Bi. Arteta the saviour??? Actually Arteta, the bullshiter extraordinaire. Arteta’s words replacing facts and stats, and sadly many on JA believe him

    1. Let’s see next 4 games but i agree. Facts and stats are terrible. He said, goal on the post would have been in and it is a different world lol. Yes but stats are here. This year has always been a few steps forward, a few backwards…. absolutely consterning and terribly sad for fans. Look at Newcastle recently that saved a point against Liverpool, same Liverpool that trashed us 3-0 at the Emirates. Each time we saw a glimpse of hope, it was followed by new tactics and new lows. We had no luck here and there, true, but still too much pathetic displays that is injuries and bad luck can’t explain.

      1. Johnze
        Arteta is giving us, the players and everybody…… nightmares. Oil and water don’t mix, Arteta and Arsenal don’t mix. My teacher taught me ‘who is more important, one man or a million men/women. The answer speaks for itself. Arteta should have honour and leave, not make out he is the false messiah.

        1. Sean i agreed with you. But i mean would you sack him now ?? He just have to finish the season at this point, at least this game. Damage has already been done in the through notably Everton home defeat and Fulham tie.
          We lost 5 points there. Sacking him now or after the last game of the season won’t change anything. But yes and i think wherever he will go arteta will still be this average manager. Anyway he will figure that. Maybe i am wrong. But at least he can try that somewhere else.

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