Video – Viral video shows Aubameyang gifting the goal to Aston Villa

There are not a lot of unhappy Arsenal fans around this morning, as this video, showing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang laughing at Danny Mings (was he looking at his hair?), has gone viral on Twitter this morning.

SkySports was the first to point it out, and it clearly shows Aubameyang taking his eyes of the ball, allowing Mings to get a two yard start on our striker, and therefore jumping up to give the assist to Trezeguet.

And that silly mistake gave Villa their only goal, and cost Arsenal the game…


  1. Do not read too much into that minor incident, Auba is the reason we have reached the cup finals and has carried us this season. You have to watch out for player/s drawing wages and not fitting into the coach’s plans, refusing to do anything useful on the pitch except kick the air and what not, these are the real wolves moving around in sheeps’ clothing, creating nuisance for the club

    1. Really!!!Looking at him and Mings explains why we are called a joke of club by so many. That is really unprofessional and not taking his job seriously. Because he scored some couple of goals now you think he can do whatever he likes. And saying he is the reason we have reached the cup finals and has carried us this season is not giving credit to Leno, Martinez, Pepe and Lacazette (I remember him turning a would lose into a draw) well. There are several matches he scored in that could have been a draw or lose if were not for Leno. I’m sure the coach must of talk to him about that as that doesn’t give us a good representation.

      1. Mobella, imagine the reaction of Sir Alex Ferguson, if one of his Manchester United players had switched off like that.
        Lack of discipline and lapses of concentration have been endemic at Arsenal for many seasons, with no fear of repercussions for players.

        1. I remember Man Utd switching off against West Ham that saw Sheffield United relegated. Fergie did not give a damn.

          1. Didn’t Fergie give them the game as compensation for getting Carlos Tevez?
            In fact, he scored the winner for West Ham that day in his last game before joining Man United…

  2. The great Pierre is the only good thing about our club for now. Shame Arteta has robbed him of 2nd consecutive golden boot buy playing him on the wing.

  3. I’m not gon read meanings to that video.. Ming’s might’ve said something funny to him.
    It’s not like PEA is the type of player who goes around disrespecting and attacking other players

  4. Y re d media always like this to arsenal. And d most painful part is d fans, d so called fans we have will also reap into d team.. Can you imagine 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. Let’s sell auba then because he laugh like any normal person, some arsenal fans are so unbelievable.

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