Video – Ings and Ward-Prowse put Southampton ahead against Arsenal

Okay, now this is ridiculous. Arsenal are playing the team that is second bottom of the Premiership and suddenly, with 20 minutes to go, we find Southampton ahead against Arsenal by 2 goals to 1. I am going to show you the video but I am flabbergasted by how we are playing against a team that is in the relegation zone, at home as well!

Okay here is Danny Ings first goal which gave Southampton the equaliser…….

And here is the second goal from Ward-Prowse from the spot for you, which Southampton ahead against Arsenal…

Arsenal are in serious trouble….


  1. Tunyzone says:

    Arsenal is in real mess.

  2. Maks says:

    The Board made a mistake not to sack Emery.
    Now it is so clear.
    I didnt see Ljungberg on the bench?
    I hope I will see hem next game, and without spain crew, without Emery!

  3. willweeverwinagameagain? says:

    Just wooow, what a match..! We could have or maybe should have lost 6-4 the way the match played out.
    If Emery used the right tactics (not 5 in defence you stupid)it’s an easy win. The space on the field was just crazy.

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