Video – Watch absolute howler from Arsenal keeper to gift City 2-1 lead

It happens and it has happened to Alex Runarsson this evening at the Emirates.

The 25-year-old had a straight forward shot to contend with, it was the perfect height and at a very comfortable speed and yet somehow he managed to fluff the catch and basically dropped the ball into the net.

It was embarrassing and the really sad thing is that it is no real big surprise, he has looked dodgy all evenings.

We have to hope Bernd Leno does not get injured.

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  1. Well where do I start????
    I think I’ll just stop watching this rubbish my blood pressure so high can’t take it anymore

  2. Why was whatever our goalkeepers name is, doing marking the post from a free kick. Who’s coaching him?

  3. Arsenal let Marrtinez leave for a song, a keeper who had control of his area and his defence had confidence in him.
    Leno is not in the same league.
    The malaise has always being there since before Wenger left.

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