Video – Watch all Eduardo’s goals for Arsenal on his birthday

It was a very grey day for Arsenal fans when we saw Eduardo Da Silva had his leg broken by Birmingham’s Taylor in 2008, just 2 days before his 25th birthday, when the Gunners were looking good for a long awaited title challenge.

Well today is the Croatian’s 38th birthday, so I thought it would be nice to remember how great a striker he was, and imagine how big an Arsenal legend he would have become if he wasn’t cruelly cut down in his prime…


Have a great day Eduardo, you were sorely missed…


  1. Till now, I still curse that Taylor guy. If not for Eduardo’s broken leg, Arsenal could have been champions in that season.

  2. Cut down in his prime.
    I too still feel that loss today.
    We sure could do with that predatory instinct and clinical finishing today.
    Pepe Laca Auba Martinelli Balogun have those qualities in their locker if only we could witness those skills more often.
    Maybe tomorrow night we will see
    Some great goals from our strike force.

  3. A true artist at scoring goals. He made it look so simple by being at the right place at the right time. Too bad he got injured.

  4. Did you all notice the bright,crispy,spectacular football we played at that time?Compare with today’s Arteta-crap football.Crying already,o tempora…

  5. Great signing, great player, great miss, great person – the name one of my grandsons shirt was thus :


    Will always be welcome at our club.

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